Max definition

Max means maximum;
Max or “Maximum Points” means the highest amount of points that may be awarded by the ADOH in each scoring category.

Examples of Max in a sentence

  • Max Weber, The Religion of China: Confucianism and Taoism, trans.

  • Daily Maximum (Daily Max.) is the maximum measured value for a pollutant discharged during a calendar day or any 24-hour period that reasonably represents a calendar day for purposes of sampling.

  • Max Planck Compilation of International Treaties and Other Documents Relative to the Euphrates and Tigris.

  • Required Features:• Max 30fps@1080P• HD and SD output switchable• 3.6mm fixed lens (6mm optional)• Max.

  • N stands for the number of observations, Min and Max - for minimum and maximum values respectively.

More Definitions of Max

Max means, when followed by two or more amounts and/or calculations inside brackets and each separated by a semi-colon, the greater of such amounts and/or calculations.
Max means the maximum or the greater of the bracketed number or formula separated by a semi-colon.
Max followed by a series of amounts (or values) inside brackets, means whichever is the greater of the amounts (or values) separated by a semi-colon inside those brackets; and
Max means the maximum for any one day.
Max means in respect of a series of numbers appearing between parentheses and separated by commas, the greatest of such numbers. If any such number is specified as being "Not Applicable", such number shall be ignored in the calculation of the function.
Max means ‘the greater of’.
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