MT definition

MT means metric tons.
MT means metric ton.
MT means metric ton(s).

Examples of MT in a sentence

  • The total development for the scheme period in open cast is 30000 MT.

  • Auction shall be a price-quantity forward auction wherein the bidders change their bids in increments of 10 MT for Quantity and Rs 1/Quintal for Price or multiple thereof.3. The auction session will be open for 30 minutes’ duration and there will be 03 extensions of 5 minutes each.

  • Once submitted, the bids can be modified only upward in terms of either rate [in multiple of Rs. 5/- (Rs. Five)] or quantity (in multiple of 50 MT) or both.

  • In case of construction of PCC pavement upto maximum width of 3.5 m and meant for only 4-wheeler having Gross Vehicular Weight not exceeding 5.5 MT (maximum Axle Load of 3.5 MT, rates as 5R bridge as per IRC-6), PCC/RCC works executed in protection / lining / any other structures including building may also be considered in addition to the criteria stated in the foregoing sentence of this Para.

  • To validate that MuLER could be easily adapted to LM-based metrics, in addition to BLEU, we per- form our analysis for the task of MT, also with BERTScore.

More Definitions of MT

MT means million tonnes.
MT means metric tonne (i.e. 1,000 kilograms).
MT means million tonnes (metric tons).
MT means Metric Tonne.
MT. ’ means millions of tonnes.