Non-Voting Member definition

Non-Voting Member means a member of a Committee or Sub- Committee of the Council who is not a member of the Council and is not entitled to vote on any matter coming before that Committee or Sub- Committee;
Non-Voting Member means a Member owning an LLC Interest but, pursuant to Section 4.6, not having the right to vote his or its Membership Points.
Non-Voting Member is a Member who is not entitled to vote in any matter requiring a vote under the terms of this Agreement.

Examples of Non-Voting Member in a sentence

  • Any other legal entity whose membership would benefit OAK-TAC through training, partnerships, or other supporting functions, may be eligible to become a Non-Voting Member of OAK-TAC.

More Definitions of Non-Voting Member

Non-Voting Member means those persons who become Non-Voting Members in accordance with these Bylaws and who have not ceased to be Non-Voting Members, and a “Non-Voting Member” means any one of them;
Non-Voting Member means a Member of SATSA who is not entitled to a vote according to the terms set out in Schedule 1 (Membership).
Non-Voting Member means a non-voting member of the Institution in accordance with Bye-law 2;
Non-Voting Member means a person that is admitted as a Non-voting member in accordance with this Constitution and includes Associates, Affiliates and Students;
Non-Voting Member means a Person owning no Units other than Non-voting Units and which Person has been admitted as a Member of the Company in accordance with all requirements of this Agreement.
Non-Voting Member means, in relation to a General Meeting, those Members referred to in clause 5.1.2 not entitled to vote.
Non-Voting Member means a Member who is not entitled to vote at a General Meeting under this Constitution;