Non-Voting Member definition

Non-Voting Member means a member of a Committee or Sub- Committee of the Council who is not a member of the Council and is not entitled to vote on any matter coming before that Committee or Sub- Committee;
Non-Voting Member means a Member owning an LLC Interest but, pursuant to Section 4.6, not having the right to vote his or its Membership Points.
Non-Voting Member means a non-voting member of the Institution in accordance with Bye-law 2;

Examples of Non-Voting Member in a sentence

  • Wherever in these By-laws the term “members” is used, it shall mean the Voting Members and the Non-Voting Member.

  • A Skater who is under the age of 19 is automatically deemed to be a Non-Voting Member for the duration of the current Skating Year.A Person who is an employee of, or contractor providing services to, the Club is eligible for Non- Voting Membership.

  • A voting faculty member will be appointed by the Dean as the Hearing Body Chairperson for each hearing Non-Voting Member a.

  • Non-Voting Member: The Associate Executive Dean, to serve as Vice-Chair.

  • Any Member, present at a meeting of the Credit Committee, and acting as Nominee only counts once toward the quorum (on its own behalf) and may not vote on behalf of the Absent Member on any matter in respect of which the Nominee or the Absent Member is a Non-Voting Member.

More Definitions of Non-Voting Member

Non-Voting Member means a Member of SATSA who is not entitled to a vote according to the terms set out in Schedule 1 (Membership).
Non-Voting Member means those persons who become Non-Voting Members in accordance with these Bylaws and who have not ceased to be Non-Voting Members, and a “Non-Voting Member” means any one of them;
Non-Voting Member means a Member who is not entitled to vote at a General Meeting under this Constitution;
Non-Voting Member means a Member which becomes a non-voting Member pursuant to Section 4.2(d) of this LLC Agreement. * Confidential treatment requestedNet Profits” and “Net Losses” means, for each Fiscal Year, an amount equal to the taxable income or loss of the Company for such Fiscal Year, determined in accordance with Code §703(a) (for this purpose, all items of income, gain, loss, or deduction required to be stated separately pursuant to Code §703(a)(1) will be included in taxable income or loss), with the following adjustments:
Non-Voting Member means a member of the Institute as defined under by-law 5.5;
Non-Voting Member means a member of the Corporation, including a Commercial Tenant Member, who is not entitled to vote on any matter affecting the Corporation, including without limitation the election of Directors.