Net Profits Sample Clauses

Net Profits. Net Profits (which is the excess of Profits over Losses) for each Fiscal Year of the Company shall be allocated as follows:
Net Profits. Net Profits shall be allocated among the Members as follows:
Net Profits. The term "Net Profits" means, for each Fiscal Year, the net income and gains of the Company determined in accordance with accounting principles and methods of accounting consistently applied from year to year as determined by the Directors. The Directors may determine to utilize one method of accounting for tax purposes of the Company and another for financial and/or other purposes. The determination of Net Profits shall not include any Regulatory Allocations.
Net Profits. Net Profits of the Partnership for any fiscal year or other period shall be allocated to the Partners as follows:
Net Profits. Net profits for any taxable year of the Company shall be allocated to the members in proportion to their respective Interests.
Net Profits. The current and accumulated profits of the Employer from the trade or business of the Employer with respect to which the Plan is established, as determined by the Employer before deductions for federal, state and local taxes on income and before contributions under the Plan or any other Qualified Plan.
Net Profits. After application of Sections 4.02 and 4.03, Net Profits for each Fiscal Year shall be allocated among the Members in the following order and priority:
Net Profits. Net Profits for each fiscal year shall be allocated to the Partners at the end of each fiscal year in the following order of priority: