Definition of Net Rentable Areas

Net Rentable Areas of the Premises shall mean the gross area within the inside surface of the outer glass of the exterior walls, to the mid-point of any walls separating portions of the Premises from those of adjacent areas and to the midpoint walls separating the Premises from Common Areas and service Areas, subject to the following:

Examples of Net Rentable Areas in a sentence

Leased Premises: All those portions of the Properties identified in the Lease Supplements, as the same are amended from time to time, as being demised and leased to Tenant hereunder, including the identified Net Rentable Areas within the Buildings and, where applicable, the Drive-Through Banking Facilities.
As defined in Paragraph 4 of the Sublease, Sublessee agrees to pay Additional Rent for all additional Net Rentable Areas in the Demised Premises.
No deductions from Net Rentable Areas are made for columns necessary to the Building.
Hord Title: Senior Vice President EXHIBIT A Schedule of Third Party Separate Lease Properties NOTE: The Net Rentable Areas and Tenant Occupancy Percentages listed below are all based upon Landlord's and Tenant's original estimation of the Net Rentable Areas of the Leased Premises and the Building on the Commencement Date and are therefore subject to re-measurement in conformity with the Measurement Standard as expressed in the Master Lease.
Tenant's Percentage Share of Operating Costs and Taxes shall be computed by dividing the amount of Tenant's Net Rentable Premises by the amount of Net Rentable Areas for the entire Building.