Net Purchase Price definition

Net Purchase Price means the Purchase Price minus the amount of “Subsidy of Stamp DutyBenefit (if any) and the amount of cash rebate (if any).
Net Purchase Price for any Account means an amount equal to the gross face amount of such Account less (i) the WFBC’s Discount and (ii) any other charges with respect to such Account and less any amount of any trade discounts, credits or allowances, or any other reductions or adjustments to such Account taken by the Account Debtor.
Net Purchase Price has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.

Examples of Net Purchase Price in a sentence

  • The Gross Purchase Price less the Aggregate Reduction (if any) shall be the Net Purchase Price.

  • The maximum amount of the First Mortgage Loan shall be 80% of the Net Purchase Price as mentioned in the relevant payment plan, provided that the loan amount shall not exceed the balance of Purchase Price payable.

  • Subject to the satisfaction of the Buyer Conditions Precedent and the terms of this Agreement, the Buyer shall pay the Net Purchase Price to the Seller in accordance with the provisions of Clause 6.3.

  • The Class B Member shall make a Capital Contribution for the remainder of such payments required to pay the Net Purchase Price payable on that Purchase Date.

  • Subject to satisfaction of the conditions set forth in Section 2.3, on each Purchase Date, the Net Purchase Price for the Projects in the Tranche purchased on such Purchase Date shall be payable by Purchaser to the applicable Seller.

More Definitions of Net Purchase Price

Net Purchase Price is defined in Section 2.1(f).
Net Purchase Price means the Purchase Price minus the amount of cash rebate obtained by the Purchaser (if any).
Net Purchase Price means the aggregate fair market value of all cash or other property, of whatever nature, paid or transferred or to be paid or transferred by the Borrower or any of the Restricted Subsidiaries, directly or indirectly, in respect of any Acquisition, including, without limitation, fees and other transaction costs and all amounts paid in escrow or subject to any deferral or contingency, but excluding the fair market value of any Capital Stock of the Borrower issued as part of the purchase price for such Acquisition.
Net Purchase Price means the aggregate cash consideration paid in connection with any Acquisition Expenditure plus any assumptions of Indebtedness in connection with such Acquisition Expenditure.
Net Purchase Price means 100% of the purchase price (including noncash compensation) paid by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries for any business, Property or Person in connection with a Permitted Acquisition MINUS any cash on the balance sheet of the Person or included in the business or Property being acquired pursuant to such Permitted Acquisition.
Net Purchase Price shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.3.
Net Purchase Price has the meaning given to it in Section 2.02.