Definition of Minor Maintenance

Minor Maintenance means routine preventive or corrective maintenance works such as minor repair, reconditioning, or replacement of spare parts to ensure serviceability of existing and new infrastructure assets procured and installed by the Contractor including, pipes, electrical equipment, flow meters, pressure monitoring equipment, and consumer meters, starter panel, electromechanical equipment etc;

Examples of Minor Maintenance in a sentence

Minor Maintenance & Administration Drivers shall carry out minor maintenance and basic administrative functions associated with the safe operation of their vehicle.
Proposal Number: RFP11801 Title: Vendor Site Fueling and Minor Maintenance Services for one year with two one-year renewal options.
These services, when retained by the Authority, are known as Minor Maintenance Obligations (but when transferred to the Contractor become part of the Contractor Services).
The Highway Department shall not charge an application fee for Minor Maintenance work.
The work period for Minor Maintenance is considered a short duration, which is generally considered work that occupies a location for sixty (60) minutes or less.