Minor maintenance definition

Minor maintenance means periodic inspection, cleaning and servicing of screening or by-pass devices at such times and in such manner as to ensure proper operation of the screening or by-pass device.
Minor maintenance means replacement of septic tank tees, ells, filter, lids, sewer tight lines, pump, valve, electrical components, or other minor maintenance work not specified as a minor repair.
Minor maintenance means routine preventive or corrective maintenance works such as minor repair, reconditioning, or replacement of spare parts to ensure serviceability of existing and new infrastructure assets procured and installed by the Contractor including, pipes, electrical equipment, flow meters, pressure monitoring equipment, and Customer meters, starter panel, electro- mechanical equipment etc.;

Examples of Minor maintenance in a sentence

  • Minor maintenance and cleaning of facility according to directions (e.g., using cleaning chemicals and solutions).

  • Minor maintenance of HVAC equipment, i.e. replacing filters, checking chemical feed systems, and troubleshooting complaint calls.

  • Vehicle Maintenance - Minor maintenance of vehicles is to continue to be undertaken by drivers.

  • Minor maintenance undertakings involve repairs in-kind with identical or carefully matched materials, or inconspicuous installations where there are no visible effects to external historic character or fabric, and no structural changes to the resource.

  • Minor maintenance, cleaning or repairs to be performed on commencement date shall not prevent delivery of possession to Tenant.

More Definitions of Minor maintenance

Minor maintenance means all work relating to the maintenance of aircraft other than major maintenance. Minor maintenance includes adjustment, periodic inspection, functional testing, component replacement, minor repair and minor modification of aircraft including components and equipment.
Minor maintenance means maintenance events lasting not greater than 72 hours per occurrence, which have been scheduled and for which Purchaser and the other Customers have given consent in accordance with Section 6.4.
Minor maintenance. Shall include link updates and corrections to existing text, graphics or images, and minimal page code changes as needed. This shall exclude replacing blocks of text, major page reconstruction, new pages, or navigation structure changes.
Minor maintenance means any repair and/or maintenance that can be completed within forty-eight (48) hours.
Minor maintenance activities that delay the reduction in quality of building and installation sections. These include: (1) Periodical, preventive activities, whether on a contractual basis or otherwise, and activities resulting from statutory inspections; (2) Incidental activities to eliminate breakdowns and clear complaints and unforeseen circumstances (corrective maintenance);
Minor maintenance means replacement of septic tank baffles, tees, ells, topstlids, or sewer tight lines.
Minor maintenance means all maintenance works within land, halls, and other buildings under the control of the Management Committee excluding those specified in any appended Schedule to this manual as being the responsibility of Council.