Mining System definition

Mining System means either a GPU or ASIC based mining motherboard, which may have multiple GPU or ASIC boards configured underneath it.

Examples of Mining System in a sentence

  • UNIT III: DATA MINING:Introduction – Data – Types of Data – Data Mining Functionalities – Interestingness of Patterns – Classification of Data Mining Systems – Data Mining Task Primitives – Integration of a Data Mining System with a Data Warehouse – Issues –Data Preprocessing.

  • UNIT IIntroduction: Fundamentals of data mining, Data Mining Functionalities, Classification of Data Mining systems, Data Mining Task Primitives, Integration of a Data Mining System with a Database or a Data Warehouse System, Issues in Data Mining.Data Preprocessing: Need for Preprocessing the Data, Data Cleaning, Data Integration and Transformation, Data Reduction, Discretization and Concept Hierarchy Generation.

  • It will also be complementary to the service component of the same project which includes the provision of the Data Mining System, Intelligence and Targeting System and Anti-Smuggling Database.

  • Classification of Data Mining Systems, Data Mining Task Primitives, Integration of a Data Mining System with a Database or Data Warehouse System, Major Issues in Data Mining.

  • The Longwall Mining System consists of equipment allowing for the use of a specialized technique for this kind of mining activity.

  • The Media Luna PEA includes information on the Muckahi Mining System (“Muckahi”).

  • UNIT - III: DATA MININGIntroduction – Data – Types of Data – Data Mining Functionalities – Interestingness of Patterns – Classification of Data Mining Systems – Data Mining Task Primitives – Integration of a Data Mining System with a Data Warehouse – Issues –Data Preprocessing.

  • UNIT VIIIApplications and Trends in Data Mining: Data Mining Applications, Data Mining System Products and Research Prototypes, Additional Themes on Data Mining and Social Impacts of Data Mining.

  • The Project envisages mining of coal by Board & Pillar Methodology of Underground Mining which is very flexible Mining System & can be adopted in varying condition.

  • Legal Aspects This paper discloses the BitcoinBAM project and the procedure of raising funds to develop a decentralized platform for further services available with BTCBAM Mining System This paper provides information in connection to an opportunity for the acquisition of coins that will grant purchasers economic exposure (Target Assets).

Related to Mining System

  • Water System or “water works” means all public facilities for securing, collecting, storing, pumping, treating, and distributing water.

  • Gathering System means that portion of Gatherer’s pipeline system, including all appurtenances thereto, related to the provision of gathering and transportation services provided by Gatherer pursuant to this tariff.

  • Metering System means the meters and other applicable devices/instruments installed and used for measurement of Electricity, delivered from the Electricity generated by Units comprising the Facility, as per the specifications provided in Schedule C and shall comprise of the Main Meter and the Back Up Meter;

  • Operating System refers to the software that manages Hardware for Programs and other software.

  • mining areas means the areas delineated and coloured red on the Plan marked “A” initialled by or on behalf of the parties hereto for the purposes of identification;

  • Building system means plans, specifications and documentation for a system of manufactured factory-built structures or buildings or for a type or a system of building components, including but not limited to: structural, electrical, mechanical, fire protection, or plumbing systems, and including such variations thereof as are specifically permitted by regulation, and which variations are submitted as part of the building system or amendment thereof.

  • Wastewater System means a system of wastewater collection, treatment,

  • mining area means all those pieces of land containing two hundred and forty‑six (246) square miles or thereabouts situate in what is known to the parties as the “Xxx Xxxxx‑Siberia Nickel Laterite Area” the subject of the mineral claims applications for mineral claims and Temporary Reserves listed in the First Schedule hereto which are generally delineated and respectively coloured green and orange and red in the plan marked “X” signed by or on behalf of the parties for the purpose of identification;

  • Sewer System means pipelines or conduits, pumping stations, force mains, vehicles, vessels, conveyances, injection wells, and all other constructions, devices, and appliances appurtenant thereto used for conducting sewage or industrial waste or other wastes to a point of ultimate disposal or disposal to any water of the state. To the extent that they are not subject to section 402 of the federal Water Pollution Control Act, ditches, pipes, and drains that serve only to collect, channel, direct, and convey nonpoint runoff from precipitation are not considered as sewer systems for the purposes of this part of this division.

  • Supplier System means the information and communications technology system used by the Supplier in performing the Services including the Software, the Equipment and related cabling (but excluding the Customer System);

  • Production System means a live SAP system used for running Licensee’s internal business operations and where Licensee’s data is recorded.

  • Refinery means a facility used to produce motor fuel from crude oil, unfinished oils, natural gas liquids, or other hydrocarbons and from which motor fuel may be removed by pipeline, by marine vessel, or at a rack.

  • Stormwater system means constructed and natural features which function together as a system to collect, convey, channel, hold, inhibit, retain, detain, infiltrate, divert, treat, or filter stormwater. “Stormwater system” includes both public and privately owned features.

  • MERS(R) System The system of recording transfers of Mortgages electronically maintained by MERS.

  • smart metering system means an electronic system that can measure energy consumption, providing more information than a conventional meter, and can transmit and receive data for information, monitoring and control purposes, using a form of electronic communication;

  • Customer System means the Customer's computing environment (consisting of hardware, software and/or telecommunications networks or equipment) used by the Customer or the Supplier in connection with this Contract which is owned by or licensed to the Customer by a third party and which interfaces with the Supplier System or which is necessary for the Customer to receive the Services;

  • Airport System means two or more airports grouped together and serving the same city or conurbation, as indicated in Annex II to Regulation (EEC) No 2408/92;

  • Net metering system means a facility for the production of electrical energy that does all of the following:

  • Work Site means the site where the Work is being performed.

  • Signaling System 7 (SS7) means a signaling protocol used by the CCS Network.

  • Building Systems means any electrical, mechanical, structural, plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, sprinkler, life safety or security systems serving the Building.

  • Billing System means a system to issue Invoices relating to charges payable by each party under an Access Agreement;

  • Customer Systems means the Customer's information technology infrastructure, including computers, software, hardware, databases, electronic systems (including database management systems) and networks, whether operated directly by Customer or through the use of third-party services.

  • Project Site(s) means the place(s) specified in the SCC for the supply and installation of the System.

  • Pipelines means those pipelines within the Storage Facility that connect the Tanks to one another and to the receiving and delivery flanges of the Storage Facility.

  • Electrical Interconnection Facilities means the equipment and facilities required to safely and reliably interconnect a Facility to the transmission system of the Transmitting Utility, including the collection system between each Bloom System, transformers and all switching, metering, communications, control and safety equipment, including the facilities described in any applicable Interconnection Agreement.