Mild definition

Mild will have the meanings given them in Exhibit E when used herein. The UPI Software and the Application Server Software shall not contain any Severe or Moderate defects, and shall not have more than fifty (50) outstanding Mild defects. UPI shall notify AT&T of all known defects in the UPI Software or the Application Server Software at least ten (10) days prior to its scheduled delivery date. AT&T may challenge the classification of any defect prior to acceptance. Prior to delivery of the UPI Software and the Application Server Software, UPI will demonstrate for AT&T the server functions, capabilities and transaction throughput as specified in Exhibit D. AT&T will issue a first level approval based on the successful completion of this test to AT&T's satisfaction. Full and final acceptance of the UPI Software and the Application Server Software by AT&T will occur when AT&T's Quality Assurance Group completes final testing of the UPI Software and the Application Server Software and issues written acceptance of the UPI Software and the Application Server Software based on the test results. Such test results will be made available to UPI upon request. EXHIBIT I Designated Information Services [Exhibit I has been completed, sealed and deposited with Xxxxxxx Xxxx, counsel for AT&T, and will be released to UPI at such time as AT&T gives Xxxxxxx Xxxx notice that AT&T has obtained the consent of the designated Content Providers to the release of this Exhibit I to UPI] FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE May 1, 1996 SOFTWARE LICENSE AND SUPPORT AGREEMENT BETWEEN UNWIRED PLANET, INC. and AT&T WIRELESS SERVICES, INC. This FIRST AMENDMENT ("the Amendment")is made as of this 25th day of --------- November 1996 (the "Effective Date"), by and between UNWIRED PLANET, INC. -------------- ("UPI"), a Delaware corporation having a principal office at 000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, --- Xxxxxxx Xxxx, XX 00000; and AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. ("AT&T"), a Delaware corporation, having a principal office at 00000 X.X. Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000. This Agreement amends that SOFTWARE LICENSE AND SUPPORT AGREEMENT (the "Master Agreement"), dated May l, 1996, by and between UPI and AT&T. Unless ----------------- otherwise defined herein, capitalized terms used herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Master Agreement.
Mild loss means the person will misunderstand 50% of what is being said when the speaker is only five feet (5’) away. If the speaker turns away, the listener may not understand anything being said. Background noise is very distracting to the one with a “mild” loss.
Mild means that none of the following items are present:

Examples of Mild in a sentence

  • Mild cognitive impairment: clinical characterization and outcome.

  • Mild mechanical irritation to skin, eyes and upper respiratory system may result from exposure.

  • Hanger Rods: Mild steel, zinc coated or protected with rust-inhibitive paint.

  • Hanger Rods: Mild steel threaded both ends, threaded one end, or continuous threaded.

  • Other provisions and requirements shall conform to specification No.M-18 for Mild Steel Bars.

  • PLAIN & REINFORCED CEMENT CONCRETE A) VOLUMETRIC BASIS:- General : Except where they are varied by the requirements of this specification due provision of Indian Standard Specification IS-456-1964 for plain and reinforced concrete and IS-432 part I and II for Mild and Medium Tensile steel Bars and hard drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement and any other relevant ISS applicable together with the latest amendments shall be held to be incorporated this specifications.

  • Hanger Rods: Mild, low carbon steel, fully threaded or Threaded at each end with two removable nuts at each end for positioning rod and hanger and locking each in place.

  • Mild steel flats / wires shall undergo a process of degreasing pickling in acid, cold rinsing and then galvanizing.

  • Mild therapeutic hypothermia to improve the neurologic outcome after cardiac arrest.

  • CONCRETE WORK & RCC WORK 1) IS 456-2000: Code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete.2) IS 432(part 1) –1982( Third Revision): Mild steel and medium tensile steel bars3) IS 1766-1998: Cold twisted steel bars for concrete reinforcement.

Related to Mild

  • Infection means the entry and development or multiplication of an infectious agent in the body of humans and animals that may constitute a public health risk;

  • Topsoil means those horizons in a soil profile, commonly known as the “O” and the “A” horizons, containing organic material and includes deposits of partially decomposed organic matter such as peat;

  • Microorganisms (1 2) means bacteria, viruses, mycoplasms, rickettsiae, chlamydiae or fungi, whether natural, enhanced or modified, either in the form of "isolated live cultures" or as material including living material which has been deliberately inoculated or contaminated with such cultures.

  • Infiltration means water other than wastewater that enters a sewer system (including sewer system and foundation drains) from the ground through such means as defective pipes, pipe joints, connections, or manholes. Infiltration does not include, and is distinguished from, inflow.

  • Stripping means any activity that removes the vegetative surface cover including tree removal, clearing, grubbing, and storage or removal of topsoil.

  • Tissue means a portion of the human body other than an organ or an eye. The term does not include blood unless the blood is donated for the purpose of research or education.

  • Disinfection means a process which inactivates pathogenic organisms in water by chemical oxidants or equivalent agents.

  • Negative pressure respirator (tight fitting) means a respirator in which the air pressure inside the facepiece is negative during inhalation with respect to the ambient air pressure outside the respirator.

  • Pile means any non-containerized accumulation of solid, nonflowing hazardous waste that is used for treatment or storage and that is not a containment building.

  • Cleaner means an employee engaged in cutting or trimming off loose ends of cotton or cloth left on garments or parts of garments by previous operators;

  • HDPE means high density polyethylene;

  • Stroke means a cerebrovascular accident or infarction (death) of brain tissue, as diagnosed by a Physician, which is caused by hemorrhage, embolism, or thrombosis producing measurable, neurological deficit persisting for at least one hundred eighty (180) days following the occurrence of the Stroke. Stroke does not include Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or other cerebral vascular events.

  • Electrostatic spray means a method of applying a spray coating in which opposite electric charges are applied to the substrate and the coating. The coating is attracted to the substrate by the electrostatic potential between them.

  • COVID-19 symptoms means fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, or diarrhea, unless a licensed health care professional determines the person’s symptoms were caused by a known condition other than COVID-19.

  • Exfiltration means any unauthorized release of data from within an information system. This includes copying the data through covert network channels or the copying of data to unauthorized media.

  • Barrier means Barrier Level x R (initial).

  • Flocculation means a process to enhance agglomeration or collection of smaller floc particles into larger, more easily settleable particles through gentle stirring by hydraulic or mechanical means.

  • Bathing means washing oneself by sponge bath; or in either a tub or shower, including the task of getting into or out of the tub or shower.

  • Dusting aid means a product designed or labeled to assist in removing dust and other soils from floors and other surfaces without leaving a wax or silicone based coating. “Dusting Aid” does not include “Pressurized Gas Duster.”

  • JetBrains or “We” means JetBrains s.r.o., having its principal place of business at Xx Xxxxxxxxx XX 0000/00, Xxxxxx, 00000, Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx xx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx X, Xxxx 00000, ID. No.: 265 02 275.

  • Cannabinoid means any of the chemical compounds that are the active constituents of marijuana.

  • Gasohol means a blended fuel composed of gasoline and fuel grade ethanol.

  • Cannabinoid edible means food or potable liquid into which a cannabinoid concentrate, cannabinoid extract or dried marijuana leaves or flowers have been incorporated.

  • Cyanoacrylate adhesive means any adhesive with a cyanoacrylate content of at least 95% by weight.

  • animals means animals as defined in the Terrestrial Animal Health Code or the Aquatic Animal Health Code of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), respectively;

  • Fungus means any type or form of fungus, including mold or mildew, and any mycotoxins, spores, scents or by-products produced or released by fungi.