Migration Certificate definition

Migration Certificate means a certificate issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education at the request of a candidate passing out from Secondary/Senior School Certificate Examination of the Board for seeking admission to the examinations of another Board/University.

Examples of Migration Certificate in a sentence

  • A candidate claiming seat against the seats reserved of Kasmiri Migrants will be required to posses the original Migration Certificate duly signed by the competent authority or Relief commissioner.

  • If a candidate, on completion of any course, applies for Migration Certificate, the same shall be issued on receipt of fee prescribed for Migration Certificate and on completion of other formalities etc.

  • The Migration Certificate of the students, who are already registered, will be issued only after the receipt of Registration Return, (on Proforma RF-6) alongwith continuation fee.

  • The minimum crew composition of operators for normal routine operations consists of the following: PositionNumber of Personnel per shift NRC License RequirementsShift Manager (SM)1 The minimum shift crew requirements for the various modes is as follows: Positions * Does not include the supervision of core alterations by the licensed SRO or the SRO limited to fuel handling.

  • If he/she has not joined he/she must apply for cancellation of the Migration Certificate through the Principal of the college concerned and return his/her Migration Certificate.

  • Migration Certificate duly signed by competent authority or Relief Commissioner.

  • Attested copy of Migration Certificate duly signed by competent authority or Relief Commissioner.

  • Migration Certificate, if the candidate is not from Utkal University.

  • Attested copy of Migration Certificate duly signed by competent authority or Relief Commissioner Tuition Fees Waiver (TFW) Scheme: Under Tuition Fees Waiver (TFW) Scheme of AICTE, seats up to maximum 5 percent of sanctioned intake per course shall be available in all institutions approved by AICTE.

  • Migration Certificate received after the above mentioned schedule will not be accepted in any case and the candidature of the student concerned will stand automatically cancelled.

Related to Migration Certificate

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  • Release Certificate means a Release Certificate in the form attached to this Appendix "C" as Schedule 2 executed by a duly authorized officer of the Custodian and delivered by the Custodian to the applicable Fund by facsimile transmission or in such other manner as such Fund and the Custodian may agree in writing.