Exemption Certificate definition

Exemption Certificate is defined in clause (e) of Section 4.6.
Exemption Certificate means a certificate identified as an "Exemption Certificate" on GLA letter headed paper and signed by a senior officer of the GLA which confirms that the delivery of the Named Project is subject to an Exemption; Final Claim Stage means the date at which the relevant Named Project reaches Practical Completion; Financial Year means from the date of this Agreement to the next 31 March and thereafter from 1 April to 31 March in each year; First Payment Date means in relation to a Named Project:
Exemption Certificate means documentation furnished by a buyer to a seller to claim an exemption from sales or use tax. The term includes a resale certificate or other documentation authorized in section 57-40.2-04 furnished by a buyer to a seller.

Examples of Exemption Certificate in a sentence

  • The County is exempt from Federal and State Sales and Use Taxes for tangible personal property (Certificate of Registry for tax transactions under Chapter 32, Internal Revenue Code and Florida Sales/Use Tax Exemption Certificate).

  • Customs Duty: In respect of imported goods offered from abroad, the bidder shall specify the rate as well as the total amount of customs duty payable with Custom Duty Exemption Certificate, if applicable, on the quoted goods in the Financial Bid.

  • The City of Dayton’s Federal Exemption Certificate is No. 31-73- 0546K and Ohio Vendor’s License No. is 57-15847.

  • The Department will reclaim sales taxes, after receiving a Contractor’s Statement of Sales Tax for those projects for which a Tax Exemption Certificate was not issued.

  • The purchase order may be accepted in lieu of a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.

More Definitions of Exemption Certificate

Exemption Certificate means a written statement from the State Health Agency stating that a health care project is not subject to the Certificate of Need requirements under applicable state law.
Exemption Certificate means a certificate issued under Article 41F.
Exemption Certificate has the meaning provided in Section 4.5(b)(ii).
Exemption Certificate means a document issued by a registered and approved SDA Firearms Instructor indicating the instructor has accepted documentation from an applicant of previous firearms training for all or part of the training requirements necessary for licensing pursuant to the Act.
Exemption Certificate means any certificate issued under the provisions of Regulation I B/12(a)(vi) of the 1974 SOLAS Convention;
Exemption Certificate has the meaning provided in Section 3.03(e)(iv).
Exemption Certificate is defined in Section 3.5(iv) hereof.