meeting minutes definition

meeting minutes means the minutes of a meeting of a council or committee in which the matter is recorded.9.38. Evidence of documents coming from a local government Evidence that a document has been given or written by or on behalf of a local government may be given by tendering what purports to be the document and purports to be signed by the mayor or president, the CEO, or any other person authorised to sign it, without proof of the signature or proof that the person signing was a person who could sign the document.9.39. Proving a document given to another party
meeting minutes means a tangible record of decisions made, next steps planned, and tracking of action items at a meeting;
meeting minutes or “Minutes” shall mean the Secretary-Treasurer’s accurate record of all matters transacted at General Council meetings and Executive Committee meetings.

More Definitions of meeting minutes

meeting minutes means the final version of the minutes of a meeting.
meeting minutes means the minutes of meeting set out in Annexure Part G;
meeting minutes means the official record of a Board of Management Meeting referred to in Rule 8.8, or Member Meeting referred to in Rule 19.3, that must set out any resolutions passed;
meeting minutes means the official written minutes from the End of Phase 2 meeting to be held with the FDA. For the avoidance of a doubt, the Meeting Minutes will provide clarity into what registration directed clinical studies will be required for potential approval of the Pharmaceutical Product.

Related to meeting minutes

  • Minutes means the minutes of a meeting of the board of directors of each Company held on 16 April 2014, 12 September 2014, 21 May 2015, 18 September 2015, 13 May 2016 and 9 December 2016;

  • Scoping meeting means a meeting between representatives of the applicant and the EDU conducted for but not limited to the following purposes:

  • relevant meeting means a meeting of the authority to consider whether or not to approve a proposal to dismiss a relevant officer; and

  • Meeting Date means the date of the Meeting;

  • Meeting Materials means the notice of meeting, the Circular and the form of proxy in respect of the Meeting which accompanies the Circular, and any amendments or supplements thereto;

  • Open meeting or "public meeting" means a meeting at which the public may be present.

  • Meetings means the meetings of Affected Unsecured Creditors in the Unsecured Creditor Classes in respect of each Participating CCAA Party called for the purposes of considering and voting in respect of the Plan, which has been set by the Amended and Restated Meetings Order to take place at the times, dates and locations as set out in the Amended and Restated Meetings Order;

  • Board Meeting means a meeting of the Board;

  • Meeting means any meeting of:

  • Committee Meeting means a meeting of the Committee.

  • Pre-bid Meeting means Pre-bid meeting to be held as per the schedule indicated in the Schedule for the Tender hereof;

  • hybrid meeting means a general meeting convened for the (i) physical attendance by shareholders and/or proxies at the Principal Meeting Place and where applicable, one or more Meeting Locations and (ii) virtual attendance and participation by shareholders and/or proxies by means of electronic facilities;

  • Members meeting means an annual members meeting or special meeting of members.

  • Review Meeting means a meeting to be held in accordance with clause B19 (Review Meetings) or as otherwise requested in accordance with clause B19.2 (Review Meetings)

  • General Meeting means the annual or any special general meeting of the Association.

  • Meeting Fees means fees for attending a meeting of the Board or one of its Committees as set forth in Section 5.3 hereof.

  • Scheme Meeting means the meeting of Shareholders ordered by the Court to be convened pursuant to the Initial Orders in respect of the Scheme and includes any adjournment of that meeting.

  • Meeting of Members means an Annual Meeting of Members or a Special Meeting of Members.

  • Court Meeting means the meeting(s) of the Scheme Shareholders to be convened by order of the Court pursuant to section 896 of the Companies Act, notice of which will be set out in the Scheme Document, for the purpose of approving the Scheme, including any adjournment thereof;

  • special meeting in lieu of an annual meeting means a special meeting called by Directors for the purpose of electing Directors in the event that an annual meeting is not held on or before such date as may be required by the NYSE Amex, New York Stock Exchange or such other exchange or trading system on which shares are principally traded, if applicable.

  • meeting of shareholders means an annual meeting of shareholders or a special meeting of shareholders;

  • Closed Meeting means a meeting from which the public is excluded.

  • Adjournment Proposal means a proposal to adjourn the special meeting of the stockholders of Thayer to a later date or dates, if necessary, to permit further solicitation and vote of proxies if, based upon the tabulated vote at the time of the special meeting, there are not sufficient votes to approve one or more proposals presented to stockholders for vote at such special meeting.

  • Public meeting means a meeting that is required to be open to the public under Title 52, Chapter 4, Open and Public Meetings Act.

  • Kick Off Meeting means a meeting convened by the Purchaser to discuss and finalize the work execution plan and procedures with the ITC.

  • Inaugural Meeting means the first meeting of a newly elected BOARD to be held following a municipal election and the commencement of the term of office;