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Master plumber means an individual who possesses the necessary skills and qualifications to plan and supervise the installation of plumbing and who is licensed as a master plumber.
Master plumber means a person licensed under this chapter as a master plumber having the qualifications, training, experience, and knowledge to properly plan and layout projects and supervise persons in the plumbing trade.
Master plumber means a person licensed under this chapter as a master plumber

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  • Fees for plumbing permit applications for emergency repairs shall not be subject to the additional 100% fee required by Section 106.6.1.******AC-106.7.8 Master plumber qualifications.

  • Comm 5.003(28) (28) "Master plumber" has the meaning specified under s.

  • The work throughout shall be executed in accordance with the best practice of the trade and in the best and most thorough manner under the direction of licensed sanitary engineer or Master plumber and to the satisfaction of the Architect, who will interpret the intent of the contract drawings and specifications and shall have the power to reject any work and/or materials which are not in full accordance therewith.

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Master plumber means a Person who is skilled in the planning, superintending and installing of plumbing, and who himself, or by journeymen plumbers, under their supervision, performs plumbing work;
Master plumber means a master plumber as defined in and licensed pursuant to the Wastewater Treatment Code, as the same may be now or hereafter amended, and registered with the Regional Building Department.
Master plumber means a person licensed under
Master plumber means any person who has demonstrated their skill in planning, supervising and installing plumbing and who, having satisfied the Examining Board to his knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the same, and to his business integrity, has been granted a license as a master plumber. Such individuals shall have worked as a journeyman plumber for a period of not less than two years before being eligible for master certification. (Ord. 1-2000. Passed 1-18-00.)
Master plumber means a person licensed under this chapter who:
Master plumber means a person who has demonstrated his skill through testing and observation in comprehending the plumbing code, planning, superintending and installing plumbing and who hasdemonstrated this knowledge to the code official and has been granted a license by the City of St. Joseph as a master plumber.
Master plumber means a person who assumes responsible charge, supervision, or direction of journeyman plumbers, plumbers' apprentices, and other persons in the construction, installation, or alteration of plumbing or who engages in, offers to engage in, or advertises or otherwise represents that he is permitted or qualified to engage in the design, planning, superintending, contracting for, or responsible charge of plumbing;