Agricultural burning definition

Agricultural burning means open outdoor fires used in agricultural operations in the growing of crops or raising of fowl or animals, or open outdoor fires used in forest management, range improvement, or the improvement of land for wildlife and game habitat, or disease or pest prevention.
Agricultural burning also means open outdoor fires used in the operation or maintenance of a system for the delivery of water for the purposes specified in paragraph (1).
Agricultural burning means burning of vegetative debris from an agricultural operation necessary for disease or pest control, necessary for crop propagation and/or crop rotation, necessary to destroy weeds or crop residue along farm fence rows, irrigation ditches, or farm drainage ditches, or where identified as a best management practice by the agricultural burning practices and research task force established in RCW 70.94.650 or other authoritative source on agricultural practices.

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Agricultural burning is prohibited on on-burn days, except as specified in Section 80102, Section 80120, subdivisions (d) and (e), and as may be permitted by a provision in an implementation plan adopted pursuant to Section 80105(c)(5).

If the decision is made the following day, it shall be announced by 7:45 a.m. Such notices shall be based on the Meteorological Criteria for Regulating Agricultural Burning, set forth in sections 80180 through 80320 of these Smoke Management Guidelines.(c) Agricultural burning is prohibited on no-burn days, except as specified in section 80120, subdivision (e).

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Agricultural burning also means open outdoor fires used in wildland vegetation management burning. Wildland vegetation management burning is the use of prescribed burning conducted by a public agency, or through a cooperative agreement or contract involving a public agency, to burn land predominantly covered with chaparral, trees, grass, or standing brush. Prescribed burning is the planned application of fire to vegetation to achieve any specific objective on lands selected in advance of that application. The planned application of fire may also include natural or accidental ignition.
Agricultural burning means the burning of crop residues for field preparation or that is otherwise used for the production of a crop.
Agricultural burning means the use of open burning in agricultural operations, forest management, or range improvements.
Agricultural burning also means open outdoor fires used in wildland vegetation management burning, prescribed burning, or forest improvement burning.
Agricultural burning means open burning, in rural areas, essential to agricultural operations, including the growing of crops, the raising of fowl, animals or bees, when conducted on the premises where produced.
Agricultural burning means “agricultural burning” as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 39011.