Waste Disposal Site definition

Waste Disposal Site means a Waste Disposal Site which is not a Hauled Sewage Disposal Site, a Sewage Works or a Waste Stabilization Pond; and
Waste Disposal Site means a place where ashes, garbage, refuse, domestic waste, industrial waste, municipal refuse, and sewage is disposed of or dumped.
Waste Disposal Site means a landfill site, waste treatment plant, incinerator or other place used or designated for the disposal of waste;

Examples of Waste Disposal Site in a sentence

  • The Solid Waste Disposal Site has been permanently closed and its current position is presented separately so as to not distort the continuing results presented on Table 4.

  • Solid Waste Disposal Site means, as defined in NCGS 130A-290(a) (36), any place at which solid wastes are disposed of by incineration, sanitary landfill, or any other method.

  • The New York State Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Site Remedial Program (also known as the State Superfund Program) is an enforcement program, the mission of which is to identify and characterize suspected inactive hazardous waste disposal sites and to investigate and remediate those sites found to pose a significant threat to public health and environment.

More Definitions of Waste Disposal Site

Waste Disposal Site means any site where liquid and/or solid waste is either permanently deposited or converted to an alternative use for recycling and shall include incinerators and/or other means of destruction.
Waste Disposal Site means a Waste Disposal Site, the location of which is listed in Schedule "B" and which is not a Hauled Sewage Disposal Site, a Sewage Works or a Waste Stabilization Pond;
Waste Disposal Site means a facility or site authorised by the Council to receive waste for treatment or disposal;
Waste Disposal Site means those City designated sites listed in Schedule “A”; “White Goods” means stoves, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers,
Waste Disposal Site means a waste disposal site designated and operated by the Township of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan for the disposal or transfer of waste (Transfer Station) in accordance with the provisions of this By-law and with the guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.
Waste Disposal Site. , as used in this Regulation, means a waste disposal site as defined in section 25 of the Act;
Waste Disposal Site means any place at which solid waste is dumped, abandoned, or accepted or disposed of for final disposition by incineration, landfilling or any other method.