MAOP definition

MAOP means the maximum allowable operating pressure of the Maui Pipeline or any part of it, as set out in Schedule 6.
MAOP means the then-current maximum allowable operating pressure established by Utility for any portion of, or facilities associated with, the Utility System. The MAOP in effect as of the Effective Date is set forth in Exhibit A.

Examples of MAOP in a sentence

  • LMM’s MAOP for a given facility may be revised from time to time by LMM in its sole discretion.

  • The Gathering System Plan will describe the compression facilities that will be constructed as part of the Gathering System as well as the maximum operating pressures of the gathering lines, which shall be subject to the approval of Shipper and no higher than the MAOP and other maximum operating parameters.

  • If Shipper has the potential to deliver Gas above LMM’s MAOP, Shipper, at its sole expense, shall implement pressure controls which eliminate this potential and meet acceptable industry standards.

  • At any time that the operating pressure at a Delivery Point is not in compliance with the required operating pressure or is in excess of the MAOP for any reason, including Force Majeure, Producer shall be entitled to an immediate temporary release from dedication and may immediately dispose of and/or deliver to any third Person any of Producer’s Gas available for delivery at such Delivery Point.

  • RECEIPT PRESSURE, ASSUMED ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE Natural gas to be delivered to Natural at the Receipt Point/s shall be at a delivery pressure sufficient to enter Natural's pipeline facilities at the pressure maintained from time to time, but Shipper shall not deliver gas at a pressure in excess of the Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) stated for each Receipt Point.

More Definitions of MAOP

MAOP means maximum allowable operating pressure, the maximum pressure at which a gas or LPG pipeline or segment of pipeline may be operated.
MAOP means maximum allowable operating pressure of the Pipeline as determined in accordance with Australian Standard 2885 "SAA Pipelines - Gas and Liquid Petroleum". The MAOP for the Pipeline shall be at all times 14.92 MPa(g) with the maximum operating temperature not exceeding the Pipeline material or coating specifications.
MAOP means the maximum allowable operating pressure established by PG&E for any portion of or facilities associated with the PG&E System.
MAOP means the maximum pressure at which the Gathering System can operate under normal operating conditions.
MAOP means the maximum allowable operating pressure of the VicHub as determined by the Service Provider in accordance with good engineering and operating practice.