Altitude definition

Altitude means the vertical distance of a level, a point or an object considered as a point, measured from mean sea level (MSL);
Altitude means indicated altitude mean sea level (MSL), flight level (FL), or both.
Altitude means pressure altitude (m or ft) unless specified otherwise.

Examples of Altitude in a sentence

Medical College, Karan Nagar, Srinagar, J&K High Altitude Research Laboratory (HARL) Gulmarg, Kashmir, J&K Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR) Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO) Leh-Ladakh-194101, J&K Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture (CITH)P.O. Sanatnagar, Srinagar, Kashmir-190 005, J&K Department of AgricultureDirectorate of Agriculture, Govt.

Due to lack of in-situ studies, these phenomena have not been extensively measured and their effects are therefore poorly characterised. Summary of Altitude Reduction on MTFThe combined MTF of an optical system is generally independent of the altitude at which the platform is operated.

Altitude values in feet are usually between 1,500 and 10,000, and QNH values between 950 and 1080 etc.

Recent Research Progress of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Regulation Policies and Technologies in Urban Low Altitude.

In 2018, Saudi Arabia announced it would buy the sophisticated missile defense system Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system (THAAD) at an estimated cost of about $14 billion.

More Definitions of Altitude

Altitude means pressure altitude when relevant or other altitude which is clearly annotated.
Altitude means elevation above sea level.
Altitude means the site’s altitude above sea level in metres. For sites with an altitude greater than 355 metres, altitude is set to 355 metres.
Altitude means the vertical distance of a level, a point or an object considered as a point,
Altitude. All BTS equipment specifications outlined in this exhibit shall be maintained for altitude ranges from 0 to 10,000 ft.
Altitude means the site’s altitude above mean sea level in metres. If a site has an altitude of greater than 355 metres, a value for altitude of 355 metres must be used for the purposes of calculating RPref.
Altitude means the vertical distance of a level, a pointor an object considered as a point, measured from mean sea level (MSL);“ATS direct speech circuit” means an aeronautical fixed service AFS telephone circuit, for direct exchange of information between airtraffic services ATS units;“Authority” means the Tanzania Civil AviationAuthority;“automatic relay installation” means a teletypewriter installation where automatic equipment is used to transfer messages from incoming to outgoingcircuits;“automatic telecommunication log” means a record of the activities of an aeronautical telecommunication station recorded by electricalor mechanical means;“blind transmission” means a transmission from one station to another station in circumstances where two-way communication cannot be established but where it is believed that the called station isable to receive the transmission;“broadcast” means a transmission of information relating to air navigation that is not addressed toa specific station or stations;“communication centre” means an aeronautical fixed station which relays or retransmits telecommunication traffic from or to a number of other aeronautical fixed stations directlyconnected to it;“CNS” means communication, navigation, surveillance;“Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)” means a communication between controller andpilot, using data link for ATC communications;“current data authority” means the designated ground system through which a CPDLC dialogue between a pilot and a controller currentlyresponsible for the flight is permitted to take