tons definition

tons means the gross tonnage calculated in accordance with the tonnage measurement regulations contained in Annex I of the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969; the word “tonnage” shall be construed accordingly.
tons means gross tons and a reference to tons:
tons means metric ton(s).

Examples of tons in a sentence

  • If you collected single stream or other commingled materials, please check the box for each individual material type collected in this manner and record Tons in the "Commingled tons" row unless you can provide confident tonnage estimates for individual items.

  • FULL/ PART Cargo of 7,010 Metric Tons (of 1,000 Kilograms) Soft White Wheat in bulk on a MIN/MAX basis, plus empty bags.Empty bags to be carried aboard the same vessel freight free.

  • Additional required fields are the vessel’s Call Sign, the year the vessel was built,the vessel’s Classification Society, the IMO Number, Gross Tons and Deadweight Tons.

  • Pollutant Tons Per YearEthyl chloride 4.6OC 22.7PUBLIC NOTICEThe following matters are the subject of this public notice by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

  • The selected developer has to construct a compost plant of capacity 450 Tons /day and operate and maintain it till the end of term of the concession period.

More Definitions of tons

tons means tons gross tonnage.
tons means metric tons (one metric ton is equal to 1,000 kilograms or 2,204.6 pounds);
tons means short tons of 2000 pounds avoirdupois.
tons means short tons when used with respect to fine paper and metric tons when used with respect to pulp;
tons means dry short tons (2,000 pounds);
tons means 2,000 pounds.
tons when unqualified means tons gross tonnage, and the gross tonnage of a ship having alternative gross tonnages shall be taken to be the larger of those tonnages.