Lead Pastor definition

Lead Pastor means the Person called and appointed as the Lead Pastor, as described in Section 22.01;
Lead Pastor means the person called and affirmed as the lead pastor by the Board of Elders in accordance with the Policy Manual and these bylaws;
Lead Pastor means the man responsible to lead the church in fulfilling the church’s mission, vision

Examples of Lead Pastor in a sentence

  • The principal should, in turn, notify the Pastor or Lead Pastor (if the school is an Inter-Parochial school) and the diocesan superintendent of schools.b) If the perpetrator is a principal, the student alleging harassment or bullying should notify the Pastor or Lead Pastor (if the school is an Inter-Parochial school) and the diocesan superintendent of schools.

  • Admit to baptized membership those applicants with evidence of Christian baptism satisfactory to the Lead Pastor but who have not been confirmed in a Lutheran congregation.

  • The Lead Pastor shall identify to the Congregation Council applicants for membership since the last meeting of the Council.

  • Are accepted for confirmed membership by the Congregation Council upon the recommendation of the Lead Pastor.

  • Admit to confirmed membership those applicants not having Letters of Transfer who have presented evidence satisfactory to the Lead Pastor of confirmation in a Lutheran congregation.

More Definitions of Lead Pastor

Lead Pastor means the most senior staff member of the Church;
Lead Pastor means the lead pastor of the Church who is elected or called in accordance with section 8.04 of this By-law.
Lead Pastor means the person appointed under Part 9 who is accountable to Council and responsible for leading the Executive Team;
Lead Pastor means the man who is serving the Church as its senior pastor or interim senior pastor pursuant to an invitation made under Article 7.6;
Lead Pastor or “Pastoral Lead Team” means the person or person who have the requisite spiritual gifts and have been selected by the Board to lead the employees, volunteers and person who attend the Church (the “Congregation”) in fulfilling the mission, vision, values and long term goals as set out in the Policies of the Churches determined by the Board from time to time;
Lead Pastor means the person called and acting as the Lead Pastor of the Church; “Leadership Team” has the meaning ascribed to such term in section 34;
Lead Pastor means the individual who is occupying the position of Lead Pastor as described in section 12 of this General Operating By-Law, as may be further amended;