CFAF definition

CFAF means the currency of the Borrower;

Examples of CFAF in a sentence

  • This year, one hundred CFAF (100) million was allocated to the medical- social service of the prison’s administration following a « personal commitment » by the Minister of Justice who also raised the daily maintenance allowance of the prisoner from CFAF 460 to 600 in 2013 and promised to raise it to CFAF 1000 in the 2014 budget.

  • The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) supported the program with US$ 0.5 million, and the African Development Bank committed to providing CFAF 1.6 billion.

  • Following the collapse in 1990 from CFAF 400 to CFAF 200 per kg, producer prices remained low as a share of FOB.

  • From CFAF 100 000 000 in 2000, the grant has increased to the current amount of CFAF 700 000 000.

  • Thus, in 10 communes of Dakar and in the suburbs of Ziguinchor, each member of a household receives CFAF 3000 (about US$6) per month for 6 months.

More Definitions of CFAF

CFAF or "CFA Franc" means the currency of the Borrower;
CFAF means the currency of the Borrower.
CFAF means the currency of the Borrower; and