Lead Managers definition

Lead Managers means, in relation to the Current Issuer Notes (1) in respect of the US Notes, Salomon Smith Barney Inc. and J.P. Morgan Securities Inc. and (2) in respect of the Reg S Notes, Salomon Brothers International Limited and J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd;
Lead Managers. ’ means BNP Paribas and Morgan Stanley & Co. International Limited.
Lead Managers means the Representatives, references to theSettlement Lead Manager” shall mean Xxxxxxx Xxxxx & Co. LLC, references to the “Stabilising Manager” shall mean Xxxxxxx Sachs & Co. LLC and references to the “Subscription Agreement” shall mean this Agreement. As applicable to the Underwriters, Clause 3 of the Agreement Among Managers shall be deemed to be deleted in its entirety and replaced with Section 10 of this Agreement.

Examples of Lead Managers in a sentence

  • Further to the Announcements, the Trustee-Manager wishes to announce that Credit Suisse (Singapore) Limited, DBS Bank Ltd., The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Singapore Branch and United Overseas Bank Limited (together, the “Joint Lead Managers, Bookrunners and Underwriters”), in consultation with the Trustee-Manager, have closed the book of orders for the Placement today.

  • Certain of the Joint Lead Managers or their affiliates that have a lending relationship with the Issuer routinely hedge their credit exposure to the Issuer consistent with their customary risk management policies.

  • Any information or representation not contained in this prospectus must not be relied on by you as having been authorised by the Company, the Sponsor, the Joint Lead Managers, the Underwriters, their respective directors or affiliates, or any other person involved in the Share Offer.

  • If, for any reason the Offer Price is not agreed between SHKIS (for and on behalf of the Sponsor, the Joint Lead Managers and the Underwriters) and the Company by the Price Determination Time, the Share Offer will not proceed and will lapse.

  • None of Air New Zealand, the Underwriters or Joint Lead Managers or their respective affiliates, the Registrar nor any of their respective directors, officers, employees, agents or advisers accepts any liability or responsibility should any person attempt to sell or otherwise deal with New Shares before the security transaction statement showing the number of New Shares allotted to the applicant is received by the applicant for those New Shares.

More Definitions of Lead Managers

Lead Managers means, in respect of each Series of Covered Bonds, the banks indicated as lead managers in the relevant Final Terms.
Lead Managers means, in respect of an issuance of Covered Bonds, such Dealers specified as lead manager(s) in the applicable Relevant Agreement or such Dealer(s) as otherwise agreed to by the Issuer and the Dealers party to the applicable Relevant Agreement;
Lead Managers means the Relevant Dealer(s) specified as such in the relevant Subscription Agreement.
Lead Managers means Credit Suisse (Singapore) Limited, DBS Bank Ltd.and Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited in their capacity as lead managers under the Management and Underwriting (Class A-1) Agreement and the Subscription (Class A-2 and Class B) Agreement, and “Lead Manager” means any of them
Lead Managers means Nordea Bank Finland Plc and Pohjola Bank plc acting as lead managers of the issue of the Notes.
Lead Managers means Goldman Sachs and The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited;
Lead Managers has the meaning ascribed thereto on page 1 hereof;