Cabin definition

Cabin means a building that is located in the Nuna and is used for recreation and land-based harvesting purposes. Cabins are not intended for long-term human habitation. Cabins shall not exceed 18 m2 (193.7 ft2) in gross floor area.
Cabin means a relocatable home, building or fixed structure (other than a building or structure used exclusively as a manager’s or caretaker’s quarters or an office) in a camping ground and which is used either continuously or intermittently for human habitation.

Examples of Cabin in a sentence

  • In addition to this, the contractor shall also arrange to supply and install Bio-metric attendance system at his own cost close to the Security Cabin or any other location approved by the Bank for maintaining daily record of attendance of all employees deployed at the site during the month and record thereof should be produced with monthly bills as a proof of claim for the same.

  • Joint Aircraft Service Component (JASC) Code: 2500, Cabin Equipment/Furnishings.

  • Joint Aircraft System Component (JASC) Code 2500, Cabin Equipment/Furnishings.

  • Cabin service is provided by the airline and as such we have no control over the service provided (this includes but is not limited to the standard and availability of food and drink items).

  • Cabin crew members involved in the operation of aircraft referred to in Article 4(1)(b) and (c) of Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 shall comply with the technical requirements and administrative procedures laid down in Annex IV.

More Definitions of Cabin

Cabin means and include all buildings, tents or similar structures which are maintained, offered or used for dwelling or sleeping quarters for transients, with or without provisions for cooking, but shall not include what are commonly designated as hotels, inns or lodging homes, and shall not include resort cottages kept primarily for use of the owners and incidentally and occasionally leased for hire.
Cabin means a single structure where sleeping accommodations are furnished to the transient, traveling, or vacationing public. A group of less than four (4) cabins, at the same location and under the same ownership shall be exempt from this chapter.
Cabin means a non-residential enclosure constructed of non-load bearing, non-masonry partitions having an area not exceeding 3.00 m2.