Cabin definition

Cabin means a non-residential enclosure constructed of non-load bearing partitions;
Cabin or “Stateroom” means those accommodations as provided on your Confirmation and Cruise Vacation Plan or as changed as provided herein.
Cabin means a building that is located in the Nuna and is used for recreation and land-based harvesting purposes. Cabins are not intended for long-term human habitation. Cabins shall not exceed 18 m2 (193.7 ft2) in gross floor area.

Examples of Cabin in a sentence

  • This agreement does not give the Hirer any option or right to purchase the Cabin.

  • The Hirer shall be solely responsible for obtaining any insurance cover for any contents of the Cabin.

  • This Agreement contains all of the terms and arrangements made between the Hirer and Wheely Cabins in respect of the Cabin.

  • Wheely Cabins may at law or in equity assign its rights, title and interest in the Cabin and in or under this Agreement and any of them at any time.

  • In addition to the standard delivery and removal fees (payable to Wheely Cabins), the Hirer will pay (direct to the driver if required) any extra charges incurred as a result of delays or difficulties in getting the Cabin from kerb site to the position on site (including, but not limited to, additional costs if the Cabin needs to be lifted over a fence for example).

More Definitions of Cabin

Cabin means a non-residential enclosure constructed of non-load bearing partition;
Cabin means a single structure where sleeping accommodations are furnished to the transient, traveling, or vacationing public. A group of less than four (4) cabins, at the same location and under the same ownership shall be exempt from this chapter.
Cabin means a relocatable home, building or fixed structure (other than a building or structure used exclusively as a manager’s or caretaker’s quarters or an office) in a camping ground and which is used either continuously or intermittently for human habitation.
Cabin means and include all buildings, tents or similar structures which are maintained, offered or used for dwelling or sleeping quarters for transients, with or without provisions for cooking, but shall not include what are commonly designated as hotels, inns or lodging homes, and shall not include resort cottages kept primarily for use of the owners and incidentally and occasionally leased for hire.
Cabin means a non-residential enclosure constructed of non-load bearing, non-masonry partitions having an area not exceeding 3.00 m2.
Cabin shall refer to the Cabin described on the front page of this Agreement.
Cabin means a permanent structure not more than six hundred square feet under roof, intended for use in managing large or remote land areas or both; having access by existing foot trail or unimproved access roads. The cabin cannot be used as a principal residence, for rental, or any commercial purposes.