Judicial branch definition

Judicial branch means the same as that set forth in Iowa Code section 602.1102.
Judicial branch means the Supreme Court of the United States; the United States courts of appeals; the United States district courts; the Court of International Trade; the United States bankruptcy courts; any court created pursuant to article I of the United States Constitution, including the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, the United States Court of Federal Claims, and the United States Tax Court, but not including a court of a territory or possession of the United States; the Federal Judicial Center; and any other agency, office, or entity in the judicial branch; and

Examples of Judicial branch in a sentence

  • This is a blatant interference with the Judicial branch of Government.

  • Acknowledgements The preparation of this report requires the collective efforts of numerous finance personnel throughout the Commonwealth and is made possible only with the cooperation and support of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch agencies, universities, and component units of the Commonwealth.

  • NOPriority # 4This issue terminates 10 employees and significantly impacts the Justice Administrative Commission’s ability to provide administrative services to 55 budget entities within the Judicial branch.

More Definitions of Judicial branch

Judicial branch means any court, agency, commission, or
Judicial branch. ’ means the Supreme
Judicial branch means Organo Judicial, the Borrower’s branch responsible for administering and dispensing judicial services in the Borrower’s territory pursuant to Title VI, Chapter III, of the Borrower’s 1983 Constitution;
Judicial branch means all courts, all judicial officers, the Clerks of Court, and the offices of the courts of the Judiciary of Guam.
Judicial branch means the judicial branch of government, which includes all district and appellate courts, judicial officers, offices of the clerks of the district and appellate courts, the Office of Judicial Administration, court services offices, and judicial branch employees.
Judicial branch means Poder Judicial, the Borrower’s judicial branch of government responsible for administering and delivering judicial services in the Borrower’s territory, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter XII of the Borrower’s Constitution, as amended to the date of this Agreement;
Judicial branch means any court, agency, commission, or department provided in Title 2 RCW.