Joint Management Committee definition

Joint Management Committee or "JMC" means the Committee described in Section 3.3.
Joint Management Committee or “JMC” means the committee formed pursuant to Article 13.
Joint Management Committee has the meaning given such term in the Production Sharing Contracts.

Examples of Joint Management Committee in a sentence

  • The Parties shall establish a Joint Management Committee which shall include representatives from the competent authorities of the Parties.

  • After entire complex is sold out or five years from the date of completion of the building (receipt of occupancy certificate) whichever is earlier, NRDA at its sole discretion may handover the maintenance of the complex to the Joint Management Committee (RWA) of the allotees.

  • The Directors of the Beechwood Centre formerly, members of the Joint Management Committee, have worked relentlessly for the past few years to develop a business plan, secure funds and run the building as a community interest company.

  • Since the last meeting of the Country Park Joint Management Committee the volunteers have held 3 meetings.

  • The Parties hereby establish a Joint Management Committee (JMC) for SPS Measures, hereafter called the Committee, comprising regulatory and trade representatives of each Party who have responsibility for SPS measures.

More Definitions of Joint Management Committee

Joint Management Committee has the meaning specified in Section 3.1.1 hereof.
Joint Management Committee means a “Joint Management Committee” established pursuant to Article 6 of either Contract.
Joint Management Committee and “JMC” means the Joint Management Committee referred to in paragraph 7.1 of this Annex.
Joint Management Committee or “JMC” means a committee comprised of three (3) representatives of each Party responsible for the supervision and coordination of the Collaboration as set forth in Section 2.1.
Joint Management Committee or “JMC” means the executive committee established pursuant to Article 3 (Collaboration Scope and Governance).
Joint Management Committee means the management committee established in accordance with the OLHS-NL Bylaws.
Joint Management Committee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.