IPTV operator definition

IPTV operator means a person permitted by the Central Government to provide IPTV service.
IPTV operator means a person permitted by the Central Government to provide IPTV service;
IPTV operator means an operator licensed by the Central Government to transmit programs including retransmission of signals of television channels, through Digital Addressable System by using internet protocol over a closed network of one or more service providers including cable operators and internet service providers and specifically excludes distribution via the open Internet or World Wide Web.

Examples of IPTV operator in a sentence

  • Amongst the DPOs, the Direct to Home (DTH) operator and the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) operator serve the consumer directly, while the Multi System Operator (MSO) and the Headend in the Sky (HITS) operator generally serve the consumer through its linked Local Cable Operator (LCO).

  • While providing Internet services over IPTV, operator should only act as provider of the pipe and should not bother about the content.

  • The aggregate incentives applicable to an IPTV OPERATOR shall be the sum of all the Incentives set out in Table A, B, C, D, F, G, and H for which the IPTV OPERATOR has qualified (“Aggregate Incentive”) and the A-la-Carte rate specified in ANNEXURE - II shall be reduced to the extent of the Aggregate Incentive.(ii) For IPTV operator opting for HD Scheme, further incentive would be provided for calculation of License Fee under Incentive Scheme on Bouquet of SD Channel(s).

  • For DTH Service / HITS Service / IPTV Service Sr.No. Note: If a DPO is an MSO and/or a DTH operator and/or an IPTV operator and/or a HITS operator, then it shall execute separate interconnection agreement for each type of its digital distribution platform for availing signals of the Channel(s).

  • Eg: An IPTV operator and a DTH operator can in now way have the same technical and commercial conditions for interconnection as an IPTV operator’s reach may only be to the extent of broadband connected homes or till places where the digital cable backbone is extended while a DTH operator might be able to connect a subscriber in a rural village where landline telephone cannot reach.

  • The distributor could be a Multi-System Operator, a Direct to Home operator, a Headend In The Sky operator or IPTV operator.

  • If the IPTV operator is providing the Bouquet(s) as a whole to its subscribers, the Monthly License Fee for such Bouquet(s) shall be equal to the Incentivised Bouquet rate as set out in the ANNEXURE - V multiplied by the number of Monthly Average Subscriber Level availing the Bouquet(s).

  • In IPTV supply chain, IPTV operator is connecting the broadcaster to the end consumer.

  • By analysing a large dataset from an IPTV operator, we observed that with the proposed protocol it is possible to switch 50% of the IPTV traffic all-optically.

  • So-called “piracy-as-a-service” offerings include website templates that facilitate the creation of streaming websites, databases of infringing content, dashboards that allow a pirate IPTV operator to oversee the infrastructure of their service, IPTV panels used for generating and distributing playlists of pirate IPTV channels, and hosting providers that specialize in servicing infringers.

More Definitions of IPTV operator

IPTV operator an operator licensed by the applicable authorities (MCIT/DOT/DEITY/TRAI/MIB) under Applicable Laws to provide IPTV Service in the Territory.
IPTV operator means an operator providing IPTV Service in the Territory.
IPTV operator means an IPTV Operator providing multi channel TV protramems in addressable mode by using Internet Protocol over a closed network of one or more service providers

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  • tour operator means an organiser or retailer, other than the carrier, within the meaning of Article 2(2) and (3) of Directive 90/314/EEC;

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  • Generator Operator means the Person that Operates the Generating Facility and performs the functions of supplying electric energy and interconnected operations services within the meaning of the NERC Reliability Standards.

  • Meter Operator means a party appointed for the purposes of the BSC, to:

  • multi-system operator or “MSO” means a cable operator who has been granted registration under rule 11 of the Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994 and who receives a programming service from a broadcaster and re-transmits the same or transmits his own programming service for simultaneous reception either by multiple subscribers directly or through one or more local cable operators;

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  • co-operative means a co-operative registered in terms of section 7 of Cooperatives Act, 2005 (Act No. 14 of 2005)

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