Definition of portfolio adviser

  1. portfolio adviser means: (v) a portfolio manager; or (vi) a broker or investment dealer exempted from registration as an adviser under section 148 of the regulation made under the Securities Act (Ontario) if that broker or investment dealer is not exempt from the by-laws or regulations of the Toronto Stock Exchange or the Investment Dealers Association of Canada referred to in that section; (l) "related liabilities" means liabilities incurred or assumed for the purpose of financing the acquisition or ownership of financial assets or liabilities that are secured by financial assets; (m) "spouse" means an individual who: (vii) is married to another individual and is not living separate and apart within the meaning of the Divorce Act (Canada) from the other individual, (viii) is living with another individual in a marriage-like relationship, including a marriage-like relationship between individuals of the same gender, or (ix) in Alberta, is an individual referred to in paragraph (i) or (ii), or is an adult interdependent partner within the meaning of the Adult Interdependent Relationships Act (Alberta); (n)