Sub-Investment Manager definition

Sub-Investment Manager means for each Fund any sub-investment manager or sub-investment managers indicated in the relevant Supplement and any sub-investment manager that the relevant Investment Manager may appoint in the future to manage the Fund, provided that disclosure of any such sub-investment managers appointed by the Investment Managers will be provided to Shareholders upon request and details thereof will be disclosed in the periodic reports to Shareholders, and provided further that each Sub-Investment Manager may appoint a sub-investment manager/advisor to manage/advise any portion of the assets of any Fund to which it has been appointed Sub-Investment Manager in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank Rules;
Sub-Investment Manager means such person or persons from time to timeappointed by the Investment Manager as the sub- investment manager of a Fund in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank and as set out in the applicable Supplement for that Fund;
Sub-Investment Manager means any one or more entities or individuals which

Examples of Sub-Investment Manager in a sentence

  • The Sub-Investment Manager will carry out the discretionary asset management of the Fund subject to and in accordance with the Sub-Investment Management Agreement.

  • The Sub-Investment Manager specialises in infrastructure globally and the transition to a more energy efficient economy, with sustainability at the heart of the investment process.

  • The Sub-Investment Manager will also provide distribution services to the Fund.

  • This will include (i) any fees and expenses payable to each of the Manager, the Sub-Investment Manager, the Administrator and the Depositary in respect of the provision of services to the Fund (the “Service Provider Fees”) and (ii) the fees and expenses of each of the Company Secretary, the Money Laundering Reporting Officer for the Company, the fees payable to the Auditors and the Directors (the “Third Party Fees”).

  • The Sub-Investment Manager currently manages assets in a number of investment funds with a wide client base.

More Definitions of Sub-Investment Manager

Sub-Investment Manager means any one or more sub-investment managers or any
Sub-Investment Manager means Jupiter Asset Management Limited or such other entity appointed from time to time as sub‐investment manager.
Sub-Investment Manager means Ecofin Advisors Limited.
Sub-Investment Manager means Andurand Capital Management LLP.
Sub-Investment Manager means a Sub-Investment Manager or Sub-Investment Managers