Investigation definition

Investigation means the formal examination and evaluation of all relevant facts to determine if misconduct has occurred, and, if so, to determine the responsible person and the seriousness of the misconduct.
Investigation means the formal examination and evaluation of all relevant facts to determine if misconduct has occurred.

Examples of Investigation in a sentence

Investigation, research, and documentation of any sort requires writers to be reflective of who they are and what they bring to the research—their story.I grew up on the Blood Reserve, also known as the Blood Tribe.

Investigation into the sources of superoxide in human blood vessels: angiotensin II increases superoxide production in human internal mammary arteries.

Telecommunications or video surveillance equipment or services produced or provided by an entity that the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Director of National Intelligence or the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, reasonably believes to be an entity owned or controlled by, or otherwise connected to, the government of a covered foreign country.

The Investigation disclosed matters for which the Respondent may be disciplined by a Hearing Panel appointed pursuant to Part C of Schedule C.1 to Transition Rule No. 1 of IIROC (the Hearing Panel).

Investigation of securities frauds, manipulations, and other violations, and the imposition and enforcement of legal sanctions therefor.

More Definitions of Investigation

Investigation means a process conducted for the purpose of accident and incident prevention which includes the gathering and analysis of information, the drawing of conclusions, including the determination of causes and, when appropriate, the making of safety recommendations;
Investigation means fact gathering related to the current safety of a child and the risk of subsequent maltreatment that determines whether child maltreatment occurred and whether child protective services are needed. An investigation must be used when reports involve substantial child endangerment, and for reports of maltreatment in facilities required to be licensed under chapter 245A or 245B; under sections 144.50 to 144.58 and 241.021; in a school as defined in sections 120A.05, subdivisions 9, 11, and 13, and 124D.10; or in a nonlicensed personal care provider association as defined in sections 256B.04, subdivision 16, and 256B.0625, subdivision 19a.
Investigation as used in this paragraph means the investigation of the circumstances and involvement of an employee surrounding the invalid access of the confidential personal information. Once the board determines that notification would not delay or impede an investigation, the board shall disclose the access to confidential personal information made for an invalid reason to the person.
Investigation means a detailed inquiry or systematic examination of the operations of a provider or its services regarding an alleged violation of regulations or law. An investigation may be undertaken as a result of a complaint, an incident report, or other information that comes to the attention of the department.