Buyer’s Knowledge definition

Buyer’s Knowledge means knowledge of Buyer and management employees of Buyer's ultimate parent, EEX Corporation, with knowledge of Buyer's activities, including the negotiation of this Agreement.
Buyer’s Knowledge means the actual knowledge of the Buyer based upon the actual knowledge of Michael Medzigian, Michael Coolidge and Gil Murillo without any duty on the part of such Person to conduct any independent investigation or make any inquiry of any Person.
Buyer’s Knowledge or “Knowledge of Buyer” or any similar phrase means all facts and circumstances known by Buyer, without a duty of inquiry.

Examples of Buyer’s Knowledge in a sentence

  • The execution and delivery of this Agreement does not, and the fulfillment of and compliance with the terms and conditions hereof will not, as of Closing, violate, or be in conflict with, any material provision of Buyer’s governing documents, or, to Buyer’s Knowledge, any judgment, decree, order, statute, rule or regulation applicable to Buyer.

  • There is no action, suit, proceeding, claim or investigation by any Person, entity, administrative agency or governmental body pending or, to Buyer’s Knowledge, threatened against it before any Governmental Entity that impedes or is likely to impede its ability to consummate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and to assume the liabilities to be assumed by it under this Agreement.

More Definitions of Buyer’s Knowledge

Buyer’s Knowledge. (or a similar phrase) means the actual, conscious knowledge of the individuals listed on Schedule 1.1.B with respect to the matters specified for such individuals on Schedule 1.1.B.
Buyer’s Knowledge or any other similar knowledge qualification, means the actual knowledge of John Hilburn Davis IV, Reid Yeomon and Laura Dowling.
Buyer’s Knowledge means the actual knowledge of Buyer after reasonable investigation.
Buyer’s Knowledge means, collectively, (i) the actual knowledge of Buyer based upon the actual knowledge of Robert Brewer, without any duty on the part of such Person to conduct any independent investigation or make any inquiry of any Person, (ii) any and all information contained in the Asset File, and (ii) from any of Buyer’s reports, inspections, surveys and/or studies. The named individuals shall have no personal liability by virtue of their inclusion in this definition.
Buyer’s Knowledge or any other similar knowledge qualification in this Agreement means to the actual knowledge, after reasonable investigation, of the Persons set forth in Schedule 1.01(g).
Buyer’s Knowledge. All references in this Agreement to the phrase “Buyer’s knowledge” or words of similar import shall refer only to the present actual knowledge of Ercan Aydogdu (the “Designated Officer”). The use of the phrase “Buyer’s knowledge,” or words of similar import, will not be construed to refer to the knowledge of any other officer, agent or employee of Buyer except the Designated Officer or any affiliate thereof or to impose or have imposed upon the Designated Officer any duty to investigate the matters to which such knowledge, or the absence thereof, pertains, including the contents of the files, documents and materials made available to or disclosed to Seller or the contents of files maintained by the Designated Officer or Buyer’s counsel. There shall be no personal liability on the part of the Designated Officer arising out of any representations or warranties made herein. Buyer represents and warrants that Designated Officer is the person who, throughout Buyer’s leasing of the Property, has had primary responsibility for the management of the Property and is the person associated with Buyer that is most knowledgeable about the Property.
Buyer’s Knowledge means, as to a particular matter, the actual knowledge of any one or more of the individuals listed on Section 1.1(j) of the Seller Disclosure Letter, after having made reasonable inquiry of the most senior employee(s) of Buyer and its Subsidiaries with primary responsibility for the relevant subject matter.