Investigations definition

Investigations. The Xxxxxxx, when requested by one or a number of employees whom he/she represents, may investigate the basis for any dispute arising under this Agreement and may, at any stage, assist the employee(s) in seeking resolution of such dispute through the grievance procedure provided herein. A staff representative of the Union may substitute in place of the Xxxxxxx at the third step (Agency Head) or sooner if the agency is represented by other than the supervisor or intermediate supervisor. The Union may substitute a Union staff person in place of the Xxxxxxx if the Xxxxxxx is not available.
Investigations means an investigation proceeding,
Investigations means an investigation proceeding, authorized under Sections 328.15A and 328.43a of this title, to investigate alleged violations of the State Dental Act or the rules of the Board;

Examples of Investigations in a sentence

  • The clauses at 52.236-2, Differing Site Conditions, and 52.236-3, Site Investigations and Conditions Affecting the Work, will be included in any contract awarded as a result of this solicitation.

  • Investigations and ProsecutionsDescribe the Grantee's procedures for investigating and prosecuting reports of fraud, and any sanctions placed on clients/staff/vendors found to have committed fraud.

  • Investigations are expensive and may delay performance, regardless of the outcome of the investigation.

  • Upon receipt of the Government's notification of applicable Suitability Investigations required, the Contractor shall complete and submit the required forms within 30 days of the notification.

  • Only those contractors that meet the required security clearance levels on individual task orders are eligible to compete for such task orders.Clearances may require Special Background Investigations, Sensitive Compartmented Information access or Special Access Programs, or agency-specific access.

More Definitions of Investigations

Investigations as such term is defined in Section 4.1 hereof.
Investigations means and includes environmental site assessments and other investigations of potential Environmental Conditions on or about the Site, including but not limited to sampling and analysis of soil, water, air, building materials and other materials and substances, whether solid, liquid or gas.
Investigations means all the activities conducted by the public prosecutor under the present regulation for the collection of information and evidence in a case whether before or after the indictment has been presented.
Investigations means the investigation, studies, appraisals and the like performed by the Operating Company, and necessary to start related Design or assessment.
Investigations means any formal or official hearing, investigation or inquiry into the affairs of the Company by a regulator, governmental body or third party with legal rights to do so, once the Company has received a written request to attend a meeting or provide information during the Period of Insurance or Discovery Period;
Investigations means the investigations conducted in accordance with this Policy.
Investigations. The distribution site agrees to cooperate fully with the DHS in the investigation of all complaints received in connection with the distribution of commodities. The distribution site agrees to correct any irregularities disclosed. The distribution site shall report promptly, in writing to the food bank and to DHS detailing all corrective measures taken. Sale of Commodities: USDA requires agencies to give commodities to eligible households at no charge. Selling commodities or trading commodities for services is strictly prohibited. Violators are subject to Federal and/or State prosecution. Political Activity: Political activity in any form is prohibited during commodity distribution. Candidates may not make political appearances at distribution site’s hours of service. Campaign literature and signs must not be evident. Bags or boxes advertising candidates or political causes may not be used to carry commodities and staff may not wear buttons or political inspired apparel. Religious Proselytizing: Religious proselytizing in any form is prohibited at the time USDA TEFAP commodity food is being distributed. TEFAP distribution sites may not require any religious activities or religious instruction in order for a participant to receive a food package or a prepared meal containing USDA commodity food. OEO may be assigned to investigate such activities or allegations. Solicitation and Membership Required: Clients may not be solicited for contributions and may not be required to attend, participate or join the organization distributing the food. Eligibility is based solely on income and state residency. Commodities as Compensation: Volunteers and staff are entitled to USDA products only if they meet income eligibility requirements. Eligible volunteers and staff may not be given extra food to encourage their help. Issue rates established by the outlet must not be exceeded. Limitation on Unrelated Activities: Activities unrelated to the distribution of TEFAP food or meal service may be conducted at distribution sites as long as the person(s) conducting the activity makes it clear that:  The Activity is not a part of TEFAP.  Receipt of TEFAP food is not a condition of participation in the activity.  The activity must not be conducted in a manner that disrupts the distribution of TEFAP commodities (or meal service).