Insurance Certificate definition

Insurance Certificate means a certificate evidencing the --------------------- Insurance Requirements (i) in substantially the form commonly known as "XXXXX 27" that (A) provides that the insurance has been issued, is in full force and effect, and conveys all the rights and privileges afforded under the Insurance Policies, (B) provides an unequivocal obligation to give notice in advance to additional interest parties of termination and notification in advance of changes and (C) purports to convey all the privileges of the Insurance Policies to the certificate holders and (ii) that otherwise complies with the requirements with respect thereto set forth in Article VIII hereof. ------------
Insurance Certificate means the insurance certificate related to the Insurance Policy with respect to such Receivable (which insurance certificate shall list the Originator as a loss payee).
Insurance Certificate means an insurance policy, contract of insurance, certificate of membership, or other document through which insurance is effected or evidenced.

Examples of Insurance Certificate in a sentence

  • The Insurance Certificate mentioned hereinabove must be received by the AOC Office of Procurement within ten (10) days of the notice of intent to award the Contract.

  • If CONTRACTOR submits the ACORD Insurance Certificate, the additional insured endorsements must be set forth on the ISO Form CG20 10 11 85 or both CG 20 10 and CG 20 37 forms.

  • In the event the Insurance Certificate is not received within ten (10) days after the date of the notice of intent to award, or if such certificate is insufficient respecting the limits and scope specified herein, then the AOC Office of Procurement reserves the right to award the Contract to another respondent.

  • The successful Bidder shall execute a formal contract, submit the required Insurance Certificate, and furnish good and sufficient bonds, unless specifically waived in the General Requirements, in accordance with the General Requirement, within twenty (20) days of official notice of contract award.

  • An All Risk Insurance Certificate for the full invoiced value of the items, with the Owner as a Certificate Holder, Insured Party and Payee in the case of loss, with no deductible attached.

More Definitions of Insurance Certificate

Insurance Certificate means a certificate such as mentioned in Article 14(2);
Insurance Certificate means the document which forms part of the insurance contract between You and Us. It contains Your name and gives details of the Period of Insurance and Territory covered under Your Car Hire Excess Reimbursement Insurance.
Insurance Certificate means a certificate evidencing the Insurance Requirements in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Mortgagee.
Insurance Certificate shall have the meaning given such term in Section 9.8.
Insurance Certificate means a Certificate of Public Liability Insurance in the amount of two million dollars ($2,000,000). The Town of Oakville and address must appear on the certificate as a “Certificate Holder” in order to provide the Town at least thirty (30) days’ notice in writing prior to cancellation, expiration or change of policy;
Insurance Certificate means a “Certificate of Insuranceissued by an insurance broker on the form XXXXX-25 (in the case of property or physical damage policies) or XXXXX-27 (in the case of liability policies) or its substantial equivalent, and, in the case of each liability policy, shall include an ISO Form CG 2018 confirming that the Agent has been added as an additional insured for such liability policy, in each case in form reasonably satisfactory to Agent.
Insurance Certificate means the Insurance Certificate issued by the Company to the Master Policyholder and Insured Member, which is more particularly described in Part V Section B.