Inlet definition

Inlet means wall or floor fittings where treated water is returned to the pool.
Inlet means a fitting or opening through which recirculation water enters the swimming pool.
Inlet means a waterway between islands connecting a lagoon, estuary, sound or similar water body with the ocean.

Examples of Inlet in a sentence

  • Hardy Inlet Estuarine Fishery, being the commercial fishing by fishing nets for all fish in the waters of Hardy Inlet and its tributaries.

  • Protect existing and proposed drainage structure inlets with Rock Inlet Sediment Trap Type ‘A’ (RIST-A), Rock Inlet Sediment Trap Type ‘C’ (RIST-C), Rock Pipe Inlet Sediment Trap Type ‘A’ (PIST-A), etc.

  • This policy must waive subrogation against Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA).

  • Second, when spending is curtailed incomes are also reduced, thus reducing the ability to spend, also causing a self-reinforcing contraction.You can see debt burdens rise at the same time as the economy is in a deflationary depression in both chart 2 and chart 3.

  • The Shipper may once in respect of each Renomination time (as set out in clause 8.12) for a Gas Day request a variation of its Daily Nomination for the Gas Day (Renomination) for one or more Inlet Points or for one or more Outlet Points, by giving notice to the Operator specifying the amount and duration (which may be any duration up to and including the balance of the Gas Day in respect of which the Renomination is made) of the requested variation.

More Definitions of Inlet

Inlet means the concentration of NOX (in ppmv corrected to 7% O2 unless the permit states otherwise) measured prior to the SCR.
Inlet means the concentration of NOX (in ppmv) measured prior to a Control Device.
Inlet means Catch Basin.‌
Inlet means the device on the electric vehicle into which the connector is inserted for charging and information exchange.
Inlet means an opening or fitting through which filtered water enters the swimming facilitypool.
Inlet means a connection between the surface of the ground and a drain or sewer for the admission of surface and stormwater runoff.
Inlet means an opening or fitting through which filtered water enters the pool.