Loading Zone definition

Loading Zone means a parking stall which is set aside for use by commercial vehicles if there is a sign referable to that stall marked ‘Loading Zone’;
Loading Zone means the part of a highway, private property or property of the Corporation, set apart for the exclusive purpose of parking a vehicle to load or unload the same.

Examples of Loading Zone in a sentence

Loading zone, unless the person is making a pickup or delivery and the person’s vehicle has commercial license plates or is state owned.

More Definitions of Loading Zone

Loading Zone means the space adjacent to a curb reserved for the exclusive use of vehicles during the loading or unloading of passengers or materials.
Loading Zone means that area of a dock used solely for loading and unloading passengers, supplies or freight and identified by a yellow painted tie-rail or other identifying marking; (Bylaw 3586)
Loading Zone means that portion of a road or an area designated by a sign for the purpose of loading and unloading passengers and/or material.
Loading Zone means the area of space on a roadway established for the loading or unloading of materials or passengers.
Loading Zone means a designated portion of a Street adjacent to the Curb or road edge, reserved for the exclusive use of Vehicles, including taxicabs, during the loading or unloading of passengers or goods.
Loading Zone means an area that is painted yellow, des- ignating a place for business pickups and deliveries.