Filtered Water definition

Filtered Water means water pumped from local waterways and filtered by the Mill.
Filtered Water means water intended for domestic use and tested for its potability and purity and found fit for such use;
Filtered Water means Clarified Water (as defined below) that has been filtered to remove particulate matter and meeting the specifications therefor set forth in the Turnkey Specifications and under the heading "Filtered Water" on the chart in 4 below.

Examples of Filtered Water in a sentence

  • The Contractor shall supply and install all piping, fittings, and valves between the filter columns and the Filtered Water Tank, as shown in the Contract Drawings.

  • The Contractor shall supply and install all piping, fittings, and valves between the filter columns, the Filtered Water Tank, and the main drain header.

  • Open the isolating valve on the pressure relief line located downstream of the backwash pump (P-X403) which allows water to flow back into the Filtered Water Tank.

  • The concrete equipment pads for the filter columns, Filtered Water Tank, filter pumps, and filter B/W pump, will be installed by others, as set forth in Bid Opportunity No. 25- 2014, “Mezzanine, Walkway and Equipment Supports for a Water Treatment Research and Process Optimization Facility”.

  • Transmission of Filtered Water: Filtered water from the CWR is pumped to different reservoir in GR Service area.

  • The Contractor shall supply and install all piping, fittings, and valves between the Filtered Water Tank and the filter B/W pump, and between the filter B/W pump and the filter columns, as shown in the Contract Drawings.

  • Selected Metal Concentrations in Filtered Water Samples from 300 Area Riverbank Springs and River Water at Vernita Bridge 4.10Figure 4.12.

  • Other utilities such as DMW, compressed air (I.A. & S.A.), C.W. F.W. (Filtered Water) and water for hydrants of fire protection system shall be tapped from the existing plant.

  • Regards,John StevensonDirector of Infrastructure and Development Balranald Shire CouncilE: Attachment 2: Locality plan Item I - 7MALCOLM STREET – SUPPLY OF FILTERED WATERReportingOfficerDirector Infrastructure & Development -John StevensonFile 850 Purpose of Report:To provide Council with additional information towards the request for Filtered Water.

  • To see if the Town will vote to transfer and appropriate the sum of $20,000 from available Water Operations Reserve Funds for the purpose of funding the Filtered Water Turbidimeter Installation, or take any other action in relation thereto.

Related to Filtered Water

  • Finished water means the water that is introduced into the distribution system of a public water system and is intended for distribution and consumption without further treatment, except as treatment necessary to maintain water quality in the distribution system (e.g., booster disinfection, addition of corrosion control chemicals).

  • Recycled water or “reclaimed water” means treated or recycled waste water of a quality suitable for non-potable uses such as landscape irrigation and water features. This water is not intended for human consumption.

  • Bottled water means water that is placed in a safety sealed container or package for

  • Surface water means all water which is open to the atmosphere and subject to surface runoff.

  • Unpolluted water means water of quality equal to or better than the effluent criteria in effect or water that would not cause violation of receiving water quality standards and would not be benefited by discharge to the sanitary sewers and wastewater treatment facilities provided.

  • Surface waters means all waters of the state as defined in G.S. 143-212 except underground waters

  • Produced water means water extracted from the earth from an oil or natural gas production well, or that is separated from oil or natural gas after extraction.

  • Tank means an enclosed space which is formed by the permanent structure of a ship and which is designed for the carriage of liquid in bulk.

  • Flue means a passage for conveying the products of combustion from a gas appliance to the external air.

  • Engine degreaser means a cleaning product designed to remove grease, grime, oil and other contaminants from the external surfaces of engines and other mechanical parts.

  • Plasma arc incinerator means any enclosed device using a high intensity electrical discharge or arc as a source of heat followed by an afterburner using controlled flame combustion and which is not listed as an industrial furnace.

  • generating plant means the generating facility described in Schedule 1 as amended from time to time;

  • Raw water means water withdrawn from a reservoir or well prior to any physical treatment of such water.

  • Meters shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.6(a) hereof.

  • Ballast water means water with its suspended matter taken on board a ship to control trim, list, draught, stability or stresses of the ship.

  • PAD means a Preauthorized Debit.

  • Potable water means water that is fit for human consumption;

  • medium voltage means the set of nominal voltage levels that lie above low voltage and below high voltage in the range of 1 kV to 44 kV;

  • Used water means any water supplied by a public water supply system to a consumer's water system after it has passed through the service connection and is no longer under the control of the water supply official custodian.

  • Blendstock means and includes any petroleum product component of motor fuel, such as naphtha, reformate, or toluene; or any oxygenate that can be blended for use in a motor fuel.

  • Diameter means the diameter of the stem of a tree measured outside the bark at a specified point of measurement.

  • Bulk gasoline plant means a gasoline storage and distribution facility with an average daily throughput of 20,000 gallons (76,000 liters) of gasoline or less on a 30-day rolling average.

  • Filter means material placed in the useful beam to preferentially absorb selected radiations.

  • Load means energy consumed by Customers together with allocated losses and unaccounted for energy;

  • Backpressure means a pressure (caused by a pump, elevated tank or piping, boiler, or other means) on the consumer's side of the service connection that is greater than the pressure provided by the public water system and which may cause backflow.

  • Calibration means the determination of (1) the response or reading of an instrument relative to a series of known radiation values over the range of the instrument, or (2) the strength of a source of radiation relative to a standard.