Inspector definition

Inspector means the Owner or any person nominated by the Owner from time to time, to inspect the equipment, stores or Works under the Contract and/or the duly authorised representative of the Owner.
Inspector means any person nominated by or on behalf of the purchaser to inspect supplies, stores or work under the contract or his duly authorized agent.
Inspector means any person appointed by or on behalf of the Purchaser to inspect or carry out quality surveillance on supplies, stores or work under the Contract or any person deputed by the Inspector for the said purpose.

Examples of Inspector in a sentence

In that case, the Inspector General of DOJ launched an investigation.

Any omission or failure on the part of the Inspector to disapprove or reject any work or material shall not be construed to be an acceptance of any such defective work or material.

If the Contract includes federal funds, federal agencies that shall have a right of access to records as described in this section include: the federal agency providing the funds, the Comptroller General of the United States, the General Accounting Office, the Office of the Inspector General, and any of their authorized representatives.

Indiana Licensed Asbestos InspectorThe Permittee shall comply with 326 IAC 14-10-1(a) that requires the owner or operator, prior to a renovation/demolition, to use an Indiana Licensed Asbestos Inspector to thoroughly inspect the affected portion of the facility for the presence of asbestos.

In altering this clause to identify the appropriate parties, all disclosures of violation of the civil False Claims Act or of Federal criminal law shall be directed to the agency Office of the Inspector General, with a copy to the Contracting Officer.

More Definitions of Inspector

Inspector means a person, acting on behalf of a Regulatory Authority, who conducts an official review of documents, facilities, records and any other resources that are deemed by the Regulatory Authority to be related to the Clinical Trial and that may be located at the Trial Site.
Inspector means any attorney, accountant, or other agent retained by a Purchaser for the purposes provided in Section 4(j).
Inspector means the person appointed as inspector, and shall include each assistant inspector, if any, from time to time acting as such under this chapter by appointment of the board of mayor and aldermen.
Inspector means an Inspector appointed under section 14;
Inspector means the any person nominated by UGVCL from time to time to inspect the works under the contract and/or duly authorized representative of the UGVCL.
Inspector means an inspector appointed pursuant to subdivision (d) of section 4 of this local law.
Inspector means an Inspector of the AGLC, a police officer as defined in the Police Act or someone designated by the AGLC as an Inspector under the GLA.