Housing program definition

Housing program means any work or undertaking of new construction or rehabilitation of one or more housing units, or the acquisition of existing residential structures, for the provision of housing, which is financed pursuant to the provisions of this chapter for the primary purpose of providing housing for low or moderate income families. A housing program may include housing for other economic groups as part of an overall plan to develop new or rehabilitated communities or neighborhoods, where housing low or moderate income families is a primary goal. A housing program may include any buildings, land, equipment, facilities, or other real or personal property which is necessary or convenient in connection with the provision of housing, including, but not limited to, streets, sewers, utilities, parks, site preparation, landscaping, and other nonhousing facilities, such as administrative, community, health, recreational, educational, and commercial facilities, as the authority determines to be necessary or convenient in relation to the purposes of this chapter.
Housing program means a program that provides funds to subsidize the rent for qualifying households; “Participating Housing Provider” means a landlord that is participating in or will participate in a Housing Program.
Housing program means a plan or program to:

Examples of Housing program in a sentence

  • The budget period/performance period of renewal projects funded by this Agreement will begin immediately at the end of the budget period/performance period (or final operating year for Supportive Housing Program (SHP) and Shelter Plus Care (S+C) grants being renewed for the first time) under the grant agreement being renewed.

  • This lease form is provided to participants in the University of Michigan Off-Campus Housing Program.

  • By transferring Tenant to another unit, termination of this Lease and execution of a new lease for the alternate unit, Tenant’s obligations under federal HUD regulations and the MHA Public Housing Program Rules, incorporated into each MHA Lease by reference, remain in continuous effect.

More Definitions of Housing program

Housing program means any program heretofore established or authorized by the Tribal Council or CIHA for the purpose of providing Tribal Members an opportunity to occupy and enjoy a Dwelling and, pursuant to the terms of such Program, to qualify for a Certificate of Conveyance upon the discharge of certain financial and other
Housing program means the Rental Program, Shelter Allowance Program, Homeowner Program, Market Housing Program and any other housing program that is implemented in accordance with this Policy.
Housing program means the Housing Program attached hereto as
Housing program means a system of policies, services, activities, projects, subsidies, assistance or opportunities designed to supply adequate housing for Inuit in Nunatsiavut that is developed or carried out by the Commission or the Nunatsiavut Government and includes social housing and housing developments;
Housing program means the various housing projects and programs within the City of St. George that are partially funded by the 20% affordable housing requirement within Fort Pierce EDA #1 and Fort Pierce EDA #2 as outlined in the Act.
Housing program means the Housing Program attached hereto as Exhibit G.