Affordable Housing Units definition

Affordable Housing Units. – means the Affordable Housing to be provided as part of the development in accordance with the application and/or any subsequent reserved matters approval.
Affordable Housing Units means the Owner’s affordable housing commitments contained in the XXXX.
Affordable Housing Units as used in Schedule P shall mean and include “Inclusionary Housing Units.”

Examples of Affordable Housing Units in a sentence

  • When this calculation results in a fraction, the number of Affordable Housing Units shall be rounded up to the next whole number (unit) if the fraction of the whole number is at least 0.50.

  • Affordable Housing Units must be supplied with the same mechanical systems and energy efficiency features as market-rate units, including windows, insulation, plumbing, and heating and cooling systems.

  • Residents of Affordable Housing Units shall have similar access to all building and site common areas and amenities as residents of market-rate units, including but not limited to outdoor spaces, amenity spaces, storage, parking, bicycle parking facilities, and resident services.

  • The exterior of Affordable Housing Units must be indistinguishable from the market-rate units in terms of design, appearance, materials, and quality of construction.

  • Affordable Housing Units may be smaller than the market-rate dwellings, but in no event shall the gross floor area of any affordable unit be less than the minimum floor area required under the regulations or guidelines of the Local Initiative Program set forth by DHCD.

More Definitions of Affordable Housing Units

Affordable Housing Units means 20 single-family dwellings, each constructed on a Strata Lot, in respect of which the tenure, rental, and occupancy are restricted in accordance with sections 3 through 7 of this Agreement;
Affordable Housing Units means a minimum of 25% of the Housing Units to be constructed on the Affordable Housing Land as Affordable Housing which shall be more particularly detailed in the Approved Affordable Housing Plan (and if this does not result in a whole number then the number shall be rounded up)
Affordable Housing Units means those Dwellings permitted as part of the Development which are to be provided as Affordable Housing to Qualifying Persons in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of Part I of Schedule Two and shown marked [ ] on the attached plan;
Affordable Housing Units means dwelling units for EWS and LIG households only;
Affordable Housing Units means [x] of Affordable Housing provided within the Development of which [ ] shall be Social Rented Units and [ ] shall be Intermediate Units
Affordable Housing Units means the [specify number] units [(specify size tenure and type of units)] together with the associated car parking
Affordable Housing Units means, generally, those Housing Units which shall be bound by the Affordable Housing Restrictions. Specifically, the Affordable Housing Units shall consist of any Housing Unit for which an Initial Sale: