Independent living facility definition

Independent living facility means any self-care facility or other housing facility designed or used as a residence for elderly persons. An "independent living facility" does not include a residential facility, or that part of a residential facility, that is any of the following:
Independent living facility means a congregate living environment, however named, for profit or otherwise, that meets the definitions of housing complexes for older persons as enumerated in 9 V.S.A.
Independent living facility means a residential facility for seniors, which does not provide assistance or support for activities of daily living.

Examples of Independent living facility in a sentence

  • Independent living facility (when located above the ground floor).

  • Independent living facility, residential care facility, and nursing home.

  • Independent living facility" means any self-care facility or other housing facility designed or used as a residence for elderly persons.

  • Independent living facility, subject to Section 1809.303 Accessory Uses and Structures 1.

  • Independent living facility - The minimum number of units that can be applied for in one application is five.

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Independent living facility means the independent living facility comprised of 446 independent living apartments located at 12401 North 22nd Street, Tampa, Florida and 46 independent living villas located at 12250 North 22nd Street, Tampa, Florida.
Independent living facility means a residential facility used for the provisioning of safe and accessible accommodation to active older persons, who are fully independent with or without assistive devices and who do not need assistance with their activities of daily living;
Independent living facility means, a facility that is not required to be licensed by a state Health Care Authority and that provides residents with private living accommodations, and common areas for dining, social and recreational activities and other amenities within the same facility or within conjoined or contiguous structures.
Independent living facility. Pleasant View Concord, NH (ET Sub-Pleasant View, L.L.C.) Skilled Nursing Facilities (9): Xxxxxxxxxxx XX Philadelphia, PA (ET Sub-Xxxxxxxxxxx Limited Partnership, L.L.P.) Lopatcong CC Lopatcong, NJ (ET Sub-Lopatcong, L.L.C.) Phillipsburg CC Phillipsburg, NJ (ET Sub-Phillipsburg I, L.L.C.) Wayne NRC Wayne, PA (ET Sub-Xxxxx I Limited Partnership, L.L.P.) Belvedere NRC Chester, PA (ET Sub-Belvedere Limited Partnership, L.L.P.) Chapel Manor NRC Philadelphia, PA (ET Sub-Chapel Manor Limited Partnership, L.L.P.)
Independent living facility means any self-care
Independent living facility means a multiunit establishment which provides living quarters and a variety of social, housekeeping, and transportation services to senior citizens who choose to live in a congregate setting. Individual dwelling units are of a barrier-free design with separate bathroom facilities and may contain a full kitchen, partial kitchen, or no kitchen. Communal areas include a dining room in which at least one meal per day is served, social and activity areas, laundry facilities, and open space. (Ord. 990 § 3, 2005).
Independent living facility means a facility that provides housing to senior citizens who do not require specialized daily living or health services.