Head of Legal definition

Head of Legal means, irrespective of a person's job title from time to time, the lawyer employed by the OfS, at the grade of pay band 12 or above, with the principal role of leading the provision of legal services;
Head of Legal means the Head of Legal of Accolade Wines or an individual who otherwise holds the position of head of the legal department within Accolade Wines.

Examples of Head of Legal in a sentence

  • The Head of Legal and Governance (Monitoring Officer) has been consulted in the preparation of the report.

  • Advice on whether any Member sitting on the Committee ought to declare any interest on any item on the submitted agenda should be obtained from the Head of Legal and Democratic Services or the Chief Planning Officer.

  • The Head of Legal and Democratic Services has reviewed this report and has no comments.

  • Exceptions will only be granted in unusual circumstances and must be recommended by Compliance and approved by the Chief Compliance Officer or Head of Legal (or designee) and the Director of Portfolio Management (or designee) of the Covered Person’s business unit.

  • The Head of Legal and Democratic Services (Monitoring Officer) has commented as follows: “I note the legal comment and have nothing to add to the report”.

  • If any member of the Committee is unsure whether or not they should declare an interest on a particular matter, they should seek advice from the Head of Legal Services before the meeting.

  • Exceptions will only be granted in unusual circumstances and must be recommended by Compliance and approved by the Head of Compliance, Greater China or Head of Legal, Greater China (or designee) and the Chief Investment Officer, Asia ex-Japan (or designee) of the Covered Person’s business unit.

  • Previously he has also served as Head of Legal to ETF Securities and as a senior lawyer in Pioneer Investments.

  • The Head of Legal and Governance (Monitoring Officer) has been consulted in the preparation of this report.

  • The Head of Legal and Governance (Monitoring Officer) sees no legal reasons preventing Cabinet from approving the recommendations in the report.

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