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Genus or "Registrant"), issued or issuable pursuant to that certain Stock Purchase and Registration Agreement dated November 7, 2003 (the "Purchase Agreement") understands that the Registrant has filed or intends to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "Commission") a registration statement on Form S-3 (the "Resale Registration Statement") for the registration and resale under Rule 415 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act" ), of the Shares, in accordance with the terms of the Purchase Agreement. Each capitalized term not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the Purchase Agreement. Each beneficial owner of Registrable Shares is entitled to the benefits of the Purchase Agreement. In order to sell or otherwise dispose of any Registrable Shares pursuant to the Resale Registration Statement, a beneficial owner of Registrable Shares generally will be required to be named as a selling securityholder in the related prospectus, deliver a prospectus to purchasers of Registrable Shares and be bound by those provisions of the Purchase Agreement applicable to such beneficial owner. Beneficial owners that do not complete this Notice and Questionnaire and deliver it to Genus within 10 Business Days of the date of this Notice and Questionnaire as provided below will not be named as selling securityholders in the prospectus and therefore will not be permitted to sell any Registrable Shares pursuant to the Resale Registration Statement. Beneficial owners are encouraged to complete and deliver this Notice and Questionnaire prior to the effectiveness of the Resale Registration Statement so that such beneficial owners may be named as selling securityholders in the related prospectus at the time of effectiveness. BENEFICIAL OWNERS THAT DO NOT COMPLETE THIS NOTICE AND QUESTIONNAIRE AND TIMELY DELIVER IT TO GENUS SHALL NOT BE NAMED AS SELLING SECURITYHOLDERS IN THE PROSPECTUS INCLUDED IN THE RESALE REGISTRATION STATEMENT AND THEREFORE SHALL NOT BE PERMITTED TO SELL ANY REGISTRABLE SHARES PURSUANT TO THE RESALE REGISTRATION STATEMENT. Certain legal consequences arise from being named as a selling securityholder in the Resale Registration Statement and the related prospectus. Accordingly, Purchasers and beneficial owners of Registrable Shares are advised to consult their own securities law counsel regarding the consequences of being named or not being named as a selling securityholder in the Resale Registration Sta...
Genus means Genus Life Sciences Inc.
Genus. “Species”, “Subspecies” (mainly butterflies), “author with year of description, “common name” (when it exists), “sex”, “georeferenced place of collection”, “name of collector”, “CollectionDate”, “means of collection” and unique registration number of the Entomological Collection of the UFPE, and to make them available through the IABIN SSTN, (hereinafter the “Project”) and thereby to increase the availability of specimen information through IABIN.

Examples of Genus in a sentence

  • If species cannot be determined, enter the code for Genus or at last resort: family.

  • The Issuer ensures that there are, at all times, four Reference Banks (or any other number that maybe necessary) possessing at least one office in the Reference Financial Centre, and one or more Calculation Agents if this is indicated in the relevant Final Terms, for as long as the Notes are outstanding (as defined in Article 1(c)(iv) above).

  • The abbreviation "spp." following the name of a Family or Genus is used to denote all migratory species within that Family or Genus.

  • Data Pro and Duke Arnics Meters: List of Consumers whose Meters are either Duke Arnics or Data Pro or other than ABB, Elyster, Secure, L&T & Genus make.

  • Genus, species designation should be substantiated by a letter from a cul- ture collection or a brief summary of the results of tests conducted for taxo- nomic identification.

  • TAXONOMY AND RESULTSOrder Leptothecata Cornelius, 1992 Family Sertularellidae Maronna et al., 2016 Genus Sertularella Gray, 1848 Sertularella allmani Hartlaub, 1901Figs 1A, B, 2; Table 1Sertularella Allmani Hartlaub, 1901: 81, pl.

  • A Proposed Genus Boundary for the Prokaryotes Based on Genomic Insights.

  • These Shares were held by five funds managed by Baker Steel, namely Genus Natural Resources Master Fund, Genus Dynamic Gold Fund, Ruffer Baker Steel Gold Fund, RIT Capital Partners Baker Steel and Baker Steel Gold Fund.

  • The director may require a person currently possess- ing any member of the Genus Cervus that are identified in subsection (1)(b)(v) of this section to submit records of genetic tests conducted by a professionally recognized labo- ratory to identify red deer genetic influence (genetic material from any member of any subspecies, race, or species of the elk-red deer-wapiti complex Cervus elaphus not indigenous to the state of Washington) for each individual cervid to the department.

  • The less saline environments of South Gujarat are dominated by Genus Rhizophora and associated species.

More Definitions of Genus

Genus means “a class, kind, or group marked by common characteristics” (Lange, 258). See Lange, 260ff., for an excellent explanation of the three genera.
Genus means the legal entity of J&J Negus ltd that entered into a Purchase Transaction with the Customer.

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  • DS Electric generation service that is provided at retail pursuant to the Applicable Legal Authorities under the Company’s retail electric tariffs and under any other agreements or arrangements between the Company and Customers, to any Customer that is not being served by an EGS. Default Allocation Assessment – shall have the meaning ascribed to it under the PJM Agreements. Delivery Period – The delivery period specified in an Appendix C Transaction Confirmation. Delivery Point – Means the applicable zone of the Company as designated by PJM. DS Customer(s) – Retail customers who are provided Default Service pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, the Applicable Legal Authorities and the Company’s retail tariffs.

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  • OSIPM means "Oregon Supplemental Income Program-Medical".

  • ISIS means the department’s individualized services information system.

  • Lilly means Eli Lilly Benelux S.A./N.V. that places an Purchase Order to purchase Goods or to obtain Services from the Supplier. Lilly is an affiliate of Eli Lilly and Company “Eli Lilly”, a global research based pharmaceutical corporation that develops, manufactures and sells pharmaceutical products.

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  • Collaboration Technology means the Collaboration Know-How and the Collaboration Patents.

  • Elan means Elan Corp and its Affiliates.

  • CTI means CTI Logistics Limited (ABN 69 008 778 925) and/or any Affiliate of CTI Logistics Limited as the case may be, which performs all or any of the Services.

  • PEG means public, educational and governmental.

  • DNA means deoxyribonucleic acid.

  • NZOC means the New Zealand Olympic Committee Incorporated.

  • IMS has the meaning set forth in Section 7.6.3(a).

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