Trench definition

Trench means 1. below-grade soil treatment area consisting of a shallow excavation with a width of 3 feet or less containing distribution media and one lateral; and 2. excavation for placement of piping or installation of electrical wire or conduit.
Trench means an excavation in the pavement, with the excavation having a length equal to or greater than the width of the pavement.
Trench means a soil dispersal component consisting of an excavation with a width of three feet or less.

Examples of Trench in a sentence

  • Trench Bottoms: Excavate and shape trench bottoms to provide uniform bearing and support of pipes and conduit.

  • Trench and remove soil to be treated onto heavy plastic sheeting or similar material or into a wheelbarrow.

  • Trench rock is defined as any material that must be removed from a trench that cannot be excavated with a hydraulic excavator having a bucket curling force rated at not less than 18,300 pounds (Caterpillar Model 215 or equivalent) and occupies an original volume of at least one-half cubic yard.

  • SECTION 5: CONTROL OF WORK Issue Date: December 31, 2001 Section 5-1.02A, "Trench Excavation Safety Plans," of the Standard Specifications is amended to read: 5-1.02A Excavation Safety Plans• The Construction Safety Orders of the Division of Occupational Safety and Health shall apply to all excavations.

  • Trench spoils must be hauled off the Project site daily and open excavations must be protected with steel plates.

More Definitions of Trench

Trench means a long, narrow depression or excavation, natural or artificial, in the earth’s surface.
Trench means an absorption surface with a width of three (3) feet or less.
Trench means a drainfield component consisting of an excavation with a width of three feet or less.
Trench means an excavation that is deeper than its width at the bottom. (« tranchée »)
Trench means a soil treatment and dispersal system, the absorption width of which is 18-36 inches and having a minimum sidewall absorption height of six inches of natural soil.
Trench means an excavation the length of which exceeds its depth or width;
Trench means an excavation with a width less than or equal to three feet containing dispersal