Campus definition

Campus means any place where the college conducts or sponsors educational, public service, or research activities.
Campus means the area of University within which it is established;
Campus means an organizational unit operated by a district that is eligible to receive a campus performance rating in the state ac- countability system, including a rating of Not Rated or Not Rated: Data Integrity Issues. This definition includes a charter school cam- pus.

Examples of Campus in a sentence

  • Upon completion of the Lilly Campus the City will accept the Road Improvement subject to a 3 year maintenance surety bond provided by the Developer.

  • The Organization agrees to participate in a monthly advisory group, which will work together toward: • Adapting the Armory Partnership Agreement over time; • Making sure that the Armory remains a safe, affordable space; • Ensuring community opportunities are maintained; • Helping to establish and maintain the Armory Creative Campus model operations; • Pursuit of grant and funding opportunities for the improvement of the Armory.


  • Liquor The Organization shall not sell, serve or allow alcoholic beverages of any kind to be sold, brought into or served upon the Premises or the Campus except for pre-approved events as permitted by the City and in accordance with all applicable laws.

  • The Union shall be provided thirty (30) minutes at this and at any Hiring Unit, Campus, Extension or Department employment orientation for new ASEs, to communicate with bargaining unit members and discuss/distribute materials, including Union membership application and dues deduction authorization forms.

More Definitions of Campus

Campus means a contiguous land area containing one or more school buildings.
Campus means University of Connecticut Storrs Campus, including but not limited to any and all athletic facilities, business offices, student facilities, including residence halls, University owned apartments, classrooms, restaurants, concession stands, snack bars, convenience stores and dining halls, in any and all other buildings or facilities which currently comprise the campus of the University of Connecticut, or which may be acquired or constructed during the term of the anticipated Photographic Services Contract and which are operated by, or directly in conjunction with, the University.
Campus means any building or property controlled by an institution of higher education within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area of the institution and used by the institution in direct support of, or in a manner related to, the institution's educational purposes, including residence halls and, property within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area of the institution that is owned by the institution but controlled by another person, is used by students, and supports institutional purposes (such as a food or other retail vendor).
Campus means a campus established, maintained by the University, situated within the State;
Campus means all property owned or used by the university.
Campus means the physical area immediately adjacent to the provider’s main buildings, other areas and structures that are not strictly contiguous to the main buildings, but are located within 250 yards of the main buildings, and any other areas determined on an individual case basis, by the CMS regional office, to be part of the provider’s campus.”