Main definition

Main means a gas pipe, owned, operated, or maintained by a utility, which is used for the purpose of transmission or distribution of gas, but does not includeservice line”.
Main means a pipe laid by the Board for the purpose of giving a general supply of water as distinct from a supply to individual consumers and includes any apparatus used in connection with such a pipe.

Examples of Main in a sentence

Your annual holiday entitlement is shown in your individual Statement of Main Terms of Employment (Form SMT).

After entering the Main Menu, use the following keys to move the cursor, and to select options.

The Company is a public limited liability company, incorporated and domiciled in Malaysia and is listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

If you feel aggrieved at any matter relating to your work (except personal harassment, for which there is a separate procedure following this section), you should first raise the matter with the person specified in your Statement of Main Terms of Employment, explaining fully the nature and extent of your grievance.

A.1 GeneralPerform work under these items in accordance to the details as shown on the plans and the requirements of the “Milwaukee Water Works Standard Plan Notes for Water Main Construction”, June 14, 2011.

More Definitions of Main

Main means a pipe, other than a connection pipe, vesting in the Municipality and used by it for the purpose of conveying water to a consumer;
Main means a pipe, other than a connection pipe, of which the ownership vests in the municipality and which is used by it for the purpose of conveying water to a customer;
Main means the pipe laid in the street, alley, or other right-of-way for the distribution of water to customers. It shall not include service lines.
Main means a distribution line that serves as a common source of supply for more than one service line.
Main means any electric supply-line through which electricity is, or is intended to be, supplied;
Main means a pipe, aqueduct or other work which is under the exclusive control of the Municipality and which is used by the Municipality for the purpose of conveying water to consumers, but does not include a communication pipe;
Main means every water pipe, except services and portions of private mains as herein defined, installed on the public road allowance or on any other land upon which the Municipality has obtained easements.