Aircraft Parking Position definition

Aircraft Parking Position. Charges shall mean those charges payable by the Airline, if applicable, for the preferential use of Aircraft Parking Positions as set forth in Section 8.04.
Aircraft Parking Position means the area on the aircraft apron adjacent to each Gate and designated by the City to serve as the position at which aircraft using each particular Gate must be parked.
Aircraft Parking Position means those parts of the Ramp Area immediately adjacent to the Terminal that are used for the

Examples of Aircraft Parking Position in a sentence

  • Airline shall pay Aircraft Parking Position Rentals, Aircraft Parking Position Turn Fees, and Aircraft Parking Position Overnight Fees for its use of Aircraft Parking Positions as set forth in this Section 10.7.

  • However, no aircraft may be parked in a Reserved Remote Aircraft Parking Position without express permission from Airport Operations.

  • Upon the loss of a Preferential Use Gate assignment due to an annual reallocation under Section 4.2 or reassignment under Section 4.3, Airline’s Scheduled Operations on the Gate shall be accommodated on that Gate or another Gate in accordance with the Gate, Ticket Counter and Aircraft Parking Position Rules.

  • Such cap on Aircraft Parking Position Fees shall not apply to Non-Signatory Airlines.

  • Those that do, do not pay for the cost of compliance but will frequently contribute money towards a settlement.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, for any individual Gate, Airline shall not pay more in cumulative Aircraft Parking Position Turn Fees and Overnight Fees than the Aircraft Parking Position Rental Rate for its use of any single, individual Aircraft Parking Position during a Fiscal Year.

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  • DOT&PF will calculate each year an Aircraft Parking Charge Rate for the Airport System for each use of a Remote Aircraft Parking Position by an aircraft that does not enplane or deplane revenue passengers at the Remote Aircraft Parking Position, or for each use of an Adjacent Aircraft Parking Position by a Non-Passenger Flight.

  • For each Operation parking overnight at Remote Parking Positions, Terminal Parking Positions associated with Common Use Gates, accommodations on Terminal Parking Positions associated with Preferential Use Gates and accommodations on Cargo Parking Positions, Airline shall pay an Aircraft Parking Position Overnight Fee equal to three times the Aircraft Parking Position Turn Fee.

  • All Terminal Parking Positions and Remote Parking Positions shall be designated for common use in accordance with this Article 4, Article 5 and the Gate, Ticket Counter and Aircraft Parking Position Rules.

More Definitions of Aircraft Parking Position

Aircraft Parking Position means a location shown on attached Exhibits “I” and “J”, including an aircraft hardstand, designated for parking an aircraft, whether used for the loading, unloading, refueling or overnight or temporary storage of the aircraft.
Aircraft Parking Position means a Terminal Parking Position, Cargo Parking Position or Remote Parking Position.

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