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Free Float means, as of any date of determination, the quotient, expressed as a percentage, obtained by dividing (a) the total number of Free Shares issued and outstanding by (b) the total number of Merger Shares or Spin-Off Shares, as applicable, issued and outstanding as determined by the applicable Issuer’s most recent filings with the SEC.
Free Float means, as of any date of determination, the number of Units equal to (i) the total number of Units then issued and outstanding minus (ii) the total number of Units “beneficially owned” within the meaning of Rule 13d-3 under the Exchange Act or otherwise held by (a) any officer or director of the Company or (b) any “person” or “group” (within the meaning of Section 13(d) of the Exchange Act) that beneficially owns or otherwise holds more than 10% of the total Units issued and outstanding (any such person or group described in this clause (b), an “Excluded Holder”), as determined by (x) any publicly available information issued by the Company or (y) any publicly available filings with, or order, decree, notice or other release or publication of, any Governmental Authority. For purposes of clause (ii), with respect to a Long Position of any person or group, the total number of Units underlying such Long Position shall be used.
Free Float means the percentage of the entity’s main class of securities that:

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This includes the following: Zero Free Float, Start on, Expected Finish, Mandatory Start or Finish, along with early and late constraints for starts and finishes for activities other then access restraints and Milestone(s) defined in the Contract Documents.

NSE Seeks to Amend Rules on Free Float, Filing of Accounts and 3 Others4.

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Free Float means the number of shares outstanding and available to be traded on a securities exchange.
Free Float means all the shares issued by the Company, except for the shares held by the Controlling Shareholder, by persons related thereto, by directors and executive officers of the Company and treasury shares;
Free Float means all issued and outstanding Ordinary Shares on the QIPO Effective Date less the aggregate of those Ordinary Shares that, as at the QIPO Effective Date, are held by any person or persons and/or any associate (as defined in Section 988(1) of the Companies Act) of such person or persons holding more than 5 per cent. of such number of Ordinary Shares (other than, in any such case, Ordinary Shares held by any unit trust, investment trust or other collective investment undertaking or entity).
Free Float means the number of outstanding Ordinary Shares that are not held by any person, whether individually or acting in concert, holding directly or indirectly more than 5 per cent. of the outstanding Ordinary Shares.a “Free Float Event” shall occur if for any period of at least 30 consecutive dealing days the number of Ordinary Shares comprising the Free Float is less than 15 per cent. of the total number of outstanding Ordinary Shares.
Free Float in the market shall mean directly or indirectly owned shares of the same class making less than 10% of the authorized capital, or
Free Float means the aggregate holding of Ordinary Shares by holders that own (together with any other person or persons with whom they act in concert) Ordinary Shares representing less than 5 per cent. of the total number of issued ordinary shares in the share capital of the Issuer, as determined by the Independent Financial Adviser acting reasonably and in good faith, in consultation with the Issuer.