Request for Qualifications definition

Request for Qualifications means all materials and
Request for Qualifications means a written document describing the College’s circumstances and the type of service(s) desired, setting forth all significant evaluation factors and their relative importance, written qualifications, and, if appropriate, price. The Request for Qualifications will not result in a Contract but is intended to establish a list of qualified Contractors from which to seek Offers and select a Contractor.

Examples of Request for Qualifications in a sentence

Responders failing to meet requirements of this Request for qualifications risk being defined as “non-responsive” by the Agency.

More Definitions of Request for Qualifications

Request for Qualifications means all materials and documents prepared by the Department to solicit the following from offerors:
Request for Qualifications or “RFQ” means the entire document, including all of the documents and any addenda thereto issued before the RFQ closing time.
Request for Qualifications means the written solicitation issued by the Department seeking SOQs to be used to identify and short-list the most highly qualified Submitters to receive the RFP for the Project.
Request for Qualifications or “RFQ” shall mean a pre-qualification stage of the procurement process where a formal request is issued by the Town to suppliers or contractors to submit an explanation and outline of their qualifications and ability to carry out the work or provide the goods or services required for a particular project.
Request for Qualifications means a solicitation issued by a Public Body under RCW 39.10.510(d)(i).
Request for Qualifications means all documents, whether attached or incorporated by reference, which are used for soliciting statements of qualifications in accordance with procedures prescribed in R7-2-1101, R7-2-1106, R7-2-1108 or R7-2-1117.