Bank Business Day definition

Bank Business Day means a day on which the Bank conducts business activities as per its effective opening hours, so when the Bank is open for the purpose of executing payment transactions.
Bank Business Day means a day on which the Trustee is open for business.
Bank Business Day means for each any day when the banks are open for business in

Examples of Bank Business Day in a sentence

  • ERCOT shall notify the QSE’s Authorized Representative(s) and Credit Contact if it has not received the required security by 1530 on the Bank Business Day on which the security was due; however, failure to notify the Counter-Party’s representatives or contact that the required security was not received does not prevent ERCOT from exercising any of its other rights under this Section.

  • All and any assets not expressed in the currency of the Sub-Fund to which they belong shall be converted into the currency of that Sub-Fund at the exchange rate applying on the concerned Bank Business Day or at such exchange rate as may be agreed in the relevant forward contracts.

  • Each Bank Business Day, ERCOT will issue a report of each letter of credit issuer detailing the issuer’s dollar amount of the letters of credit currently issued to ERCOT, the issuer’s computed aggregate concentration limit, and the unused capacity under that limit.

  • All FCM Participants must submit a daily Customer Segregated Account statement and a Cleared Swaps Customer Account statement, as applicable, through Company-approved electronic transmissions by 12:00 noon on the following Settlement Bank Business Day.

  • Until 1700 on the second Bank Business Day from the date on which ERCOT delivered Notification to increase its Financial Security if ERCOT delivered its Notice after 1500 but prior to 1700.

More Definitions of Bank Business Day

Bank Business Day means a day other than a Saturday, Sunday, United States national holiday or other day on which banks in Minnesota are permitted or required by law to close.
Bank Business Day or “Business Day” means any day other than a Saturday, Sunday, or federal holiday on which we are open to the public for carrying on substantially all of our business.
Bank Business Day. Means any day of the year that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or a day on which commercial banks are required or authorized under law to remain closed in Santiago, Chile.
Bank Business Day means any day on which the Appointed Bank is open for business in Japan;
Bank Business Day means a day on which banks in Hong Kong are open for business;
Bank Business Day means a day (other than Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or bank holiday) on which banks are generally open for business in the Republic of Ireland, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.
Bank Business Day means a day (other than Saturday, Sunday or public holiday) on which commercial banks are open for general business in Hong Kong.