Date of Possession Sample Clauses

Date of Possession. [►FOR UNITS WHERE DOP NOT DETERMINED: Within seven (7) days upon Landlord’s notification to take possession.◄] OR [►FOR UNITS WHERE DOP DETERMINED: <DATE>◄] OR [►FOR RENEWAL: <N.A>◄]
Date of Possession. It is agreed and confirmed by the parties hereto that notwithstanding other provision in this Agreement, the right of possession and use of the subject property by the County, including the right to remove and dispose of improvements, commenced on July 14, 2011 as ordered by the Superior Court, and that the Purchase Price includes, but is not limited to, full payment for such possession and use including damages, if any from said date.
Date of Possession. Tenant shall take possession of the Leased Premises for purposes of this Lease when all of the following shall have occurred: (i) the City Lease has been amended as provided in Section 6, (ii) Tenant's Plans have been approved by Landlord as provided in Section 9, (iii) the survey has been furnished as provided in Section 10, (iv) the leasehold title insurance policy referred to in Section 12 has been issued, and (v) preliminary platting conditions acceptable to Tenant have been received by Tenant as provided in Section 41. The date on which the last of such matters occurs shall be the "Date of Possession." If, for any reason whatsoever, the Date of Possession has not occurred by August 31, 1994, either party may terminate this Lease by written notice to the other, in which event this Lease shall terminate and neither party shall have any further obligations hereunder.
Date of Possession. The Date Tenant is entitled to occupy and take possession of the Campus for the purposes under this Lease. Effective Date - The date the parties execute the lease and it becomes legally binding upon the parties. Operations Work Group - The group established pursuant to section 5.2 of the lease. Park. Refers to the entire Fort Xxxxxx state Park consisting of 434 acres. This area is also referred to as the Property. Partner Group - TBD PDA - The Fort Xxxxxx Lifelong Learning Center Public Development Authority. Plan - Long-range planning concluded with Commission adoption of two documents collectively known as the Fort Xxxxxx Long-range Plan in 2008, which includes the Fort Xxxxxx Site and Facilities Use and Development Plan and the Fort Xxxxxx Guidelines for Rehabilitation. Property - See Park above. State Park - Refers to that portion of the 434 acres within the Fort Xxxxxx State Park that is not leased to the Tenant and will continue to managed by the Commission. State Reserved Area - That portion of the Campus that is not leased to the PDA but instead reserved for use by the Commission for the periods described in the lease.
Date of Possession. The date of possession shall be the date in which the first Two Million ($2,000,000) cash payment has been delivered to Seller or its designated agent.
Date of Possession. Buyer shall take possession of the Business and Assets upon approval of a transfer of liquor permit and sexually oriented business license issued by the County of El Paso and the State of Colorado or any other required permit to operate.
Date of Possession. The campsite, its services, brush, trees, picnic table and firepit are the property of Debonair Campground. Seasonal leases are renewable every year. The above named Purchaser(s) accepts the said lease and agrees to the rules and regulations of the campground (Policy). The Purchaser(s) agrees to pay Debonair Campground a $100 + GST New Account Fee on or before the Lease Transfer Date. This fee is required by all new tenants The current Vehicle Permits must be given to the Purchaser(s). Leasee(s) Authorization Signature(s) of Lease Transfer: New Leasee(s) [above named Purchaser(s)] Authorization Signature(s) of Lease Transfer: Signature of Debonair Campground Management authorizing this Lease Transfer: