FBO definition

FBO means a CAO, or an Operator of a CAO, that meets the requirements of these Minimum Standards to qualify as a FBO, including engaging in the retail sale of aviation fuels, Aircraft Maintenance and other Core Services.
FBO means the Fixed Base Operator who may be a Port employee, or may be a commercial entity or person having an agreement with the Port to manage aspects of Airport operations and conduct certain Commercial Activity including aircraft maintenance, instruction and retail sales and may be the authorized representative of the Port under designated circumstances; the FBO shall include owners or employees of the FBO or FBO contractors permitted by the Port to perform FBOfunctions.

Examples of FBO in a sentence

  • Those same individuals MUST be registered in Federal Business Opportunities (FBO).

  • FBO will allow you to access export controlled TDPs once certification is confirmed.

  • FBO will subsequently automatically generate an email stating when you have permission to view or download TDP items.

  • Allow 2 3 working days to complete this FBO-TDP access/approval process through the FBO system.

  • The license granted herein shall be effective only as long as the FBO is in good standing and in full compliance with FLP’s policies and procedures.

More Definitions of FBO

FBO has the meaning set forth in Section 14.4.A.
FBO fixed based operation.
FBO shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 5.05(b).
FBO means a Fixed Base Operator(s) that provides, at a minimum: retail aviation fuel and related aircraft fueling services, FAR Part 145 aircraft maintenance services and other FBO handling services as necessary for aircraft operating at Lynchburg Regional Airport. Any authorized FBO shall be governed by a written agreement with the City to operate at the Airport under strict compliance with such agreement.
FBO means any Fixed Based Operator(s) who provides two or more aeronautical services to the public and is duly licensed and authorized by written agreement with the County to operate at the Airport under strict compliance with such agreement.
FBO means a Faith Based Organisation;