FBO definition

FBO means a CAO, or an Operator of a CAO, that meets the requirements of these Minimum Standards to qualify as a FBO, including engaging in the retail sale of aviation fuels, Aircraft Maintenance and other Core Services.

Examples of FBO in a sentence

  • Any activities of the FBO that contain explicitly religious content will be kept separate in time or location from any services supported by direct federal funding, and if provided under such conditions, will be offered only on a voluntary basis; and 3.

  • Regulating on nondiscrimination is also unnecessary since intermediate organizations are covered by the provisions at § 260.34(e) and (f) of this rule along with the protections offered by other Federal civil rights laws as listed at 45 CFR 260.35.On the issue of whether or not weshould permit an FBO to serve as an intermediate organization, we have decided to maintain the position taken in the NPRM—-i.e., to allow a State to select an FBO as an intermediate organization.

  • The following summarizes the important principles embodied in the Ordinance:• Licensing: The Ordinance defines two types of licenses for telecom enterprises, with durations ranging from 10 years for network services to 15 years for service-based operations and 25 years for international cable landings:- Network or facility based operations (FBO): An FBO owns and operates its telecom network.

  • The funding entity is unable to demonstrate that applying the nondiscrimination provision to this FBO would both further a compelling government interest and be the least restrictive means of furthering this interest.The Justice Department may grant exemptions to the prohibition against hiring discrimination on the basis of religion on a case-by-case basis, unless there is good reason to question the truthfulness of the FBO.

  • The FBO is a religious organization that sincerely believes that providing the services in question is an expression of its religious beliefs; that employing individuals of particular religious belief is important to its religious exercise; and that having to abandon its religious hiring practice to receive federal funding would substantially burden its religious exercise.

More Definitions of FBO

FBO has the meaning set forth in Section 14.4.A.
FBO means a Fixed Base Operator(s) that provides, at a minimum: retail aviation fuel and related aircraft fueling services, FAR Part 145 aircraft maintenance services and other FBO handling services as necessary for aircraft operating at Lynchburg Regional Airport. Any authorized FBO shall be governed by a written agreement with the City to operate at the Airport under strict compliance with such agreement.
FBO shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 5.05(b).
FBO means any Fixed Based Operator(s) duly licensed and authorized by written agreement with the County to operate at the Airport, providing contractual aviation services to the Airport Sponsor under strict compliance with such agreement and pursuant to these Rules and Regulations.
FBO means a faith-based organization;