slaughterhouse definition

slaughterhouse means an establishment used for slaughtering and dressing animals, the meat of which is intended for human consumption.
slaughterhouse means slaughterhouse as defined in point 1.16 of Annex I of Regulation (EC) No 853/2004;
slaughterhouse means a place for slaughtering animals, the flesh of which is intended for sale for human consumption, and includes any place available in connection therewith for the confinement of animals while awaiting slaughter there, or for keeping or subjecting to any treatment or process products of the slaughtering of animals in such place;

More Definitions of slaughterhouse

slaughterhouse means a room or space used to butcher animals for sharp freezing.
slaughterhouse means an establishment for the slaughter of livestock.
slaughterhouse means any premises set apart for the purpose of a slaughterhouse by a local authority;
slaughterhouse means an establishment which is used for slaughtering and dressing bovine animals, the meat of which is intended for human consumption and which—
slaughterhouse means an officially registered and approved enterprise with permission to
slaughterhouse means premises or any other place used to slaughter or kill an animal to obtain meat;
slaughterhouse means the house or place where animals are slaughtered for meat purpose.